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  1. Nice ride! Congrats. Bet that thing is super fun to drive.
  2. ummmmmm....... Agreed. I will handle this next time I see him.
  3. Hello and Welcome to the Forums!
  4. Hello Adam! Welcome to the Forums!
  5. So I was looking at the private slot purchase and notice it said this: Please create support ticket from client center once your purchase the private slot so that we can give you private slot password. Not Sure what it means or how to create a support ticket. Not sure if the website update has changed this process to make it more simple (i.e. auto messaging the password) Either way, I would like to get a private slot. I know for me that when the server is full if I get on another server I generally just sit spec and wait for a spot to open on the original server. I am %100 in support of anything that helps keep the Clan alive.

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