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    cornt stop wornt stop
  2. quest a vengeance towards me, I denounce you

    1. Schmerzen



  3. This video is fantastic! Good work, man. Great music choice too.
  4. emaL

    I quit smoking

    Greatest piece of advice to somebody who does smoke?
  5. emaL


    corn me up, snek
  6. emaL


    @BSM I don't want, anyboooody else!
  7. The latter has become one of my favorite songs, I think. I love me some Pixies.
  8. Wow! Everything about this is great. Is this your first venture at creating a video in ET? I agree with lehm, loved the ambiance with the music and some of the B-roll.
  9. emaL


    I cornt believe this is a real thread
  10. Like I said, there are 3 of us. Thanks, though, man! We worked hard putting it together.
  11. I know you have admin on the server, but that's entirely different from being a tournament official. There are currently two tournament officials, myself and TurtleMan/Mufasa. CheepHeep has offered to help as needed if there are any conflicts, also. Beyond that, we won't be needing any help, as the rules are clear. Feel free to PM me with any further questions!
  12. Schedules are already created and the cup has begun. Start scheduling your first match for the week as soon as you're able. Looks like it's SonOfDoc for you this week.
  13. The two signups that were posted in the announcement thread (for those who need to contact through discord) are: w!cx. --- What is your in-game name? =F|A=w1cx. What is your discord user ID? w!cx. #5305 REMI --- What is your in-game name?*Remi* What is your discord user ID?Remi#5833
  14. Final count- 20 Cumquat emaL rambozo37 Xash CheepHeep Sonofdoc Lenovo Dest!ny trendy Veraudinus Snatix Tomun Wolv3rin3 SwissMan. Mordecai luna TulsaGeoff Schmerzen *Remi* w1cx. We'll be posting schedules soon, so stay tuned.
  15. We'll accept one late application to get an even 20! Sign up quick!
  16. We'll accept one late application to get an even 20! Sign up quick!
  17. To avoid embarrassing you, of course.
  18. trendy: should officials of tourney be allowed to play?? *cough* emal *cough* Answer: Yes, the rules are simple enough that there's not a lot of room for subjective interpretation. We wouldn't referee our own matches and Mufasa and I hate each other enough that it works out If necessary, we can designate an outside party to review anything questionable from a match of our own. Though, I'm pretty sure trendy was just giving me shit anyways lmao.
  19. Any question or discussion about the cup goes here. We might make a FAQ in the near future if necessary.
  20. Ingame name: emal Discord: JDsemblance #4781 Have you read the rules: yap, I helped write them
  21. emaL

    Oasis remake

    You know that little courtyard with the tiny pond right after the old city wall? The building after that, which has a low hallway and a high hallway is such a bad chokepoint for allies. with 18 second axis spawntimes, they just camp that area (and the part directly after it, near the arch) like crazy and allies have troubles getting past. Not sure what to do with it, but Im thinking that needs the main fix. Maybe add another cave that goes into the alleyway behind axis spawn? So allies have 3 ways of getting through. Not sure.

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