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  1. BeeDee

    ET Server Easter Game Day

    this sounds like its going to be great! I am really excited, thank you to all who organized this event!
  2. I am from northern New Jersey originally just outside of New York City so i didnt really have many stars growing up. Its been a nice new experience to enjoy.
  3. BeeDee

    ET Server Suggestion Jay2 New Maps Suggestions

    Maybe bring back some original maps. Railgun, etc. The server usually isnt as crowded as Jay 1 so some of the throwbacks may work
  4. so with these binds you are essentially binding a key that has a script for a different crosshair size than what you are using?
  5. welcome! have seen you on jay1!
  6. It is finally Friday! and a 3 day weekend!

  7. Hey guys so I was wondering about something yesterday. If I go buy a different wireless router other than the one that my ISP provides for me is it worth it? Will it improve the connection when playing over my wireless network? I have begun playing wired because i began to lag too much over my network. Also, my internet sucks its like 12mbps or some BS like that. thanks, BD
  8. BeeDee

    Ping spike

    here is a few more. Sorry ahead of time for the flames in some screenshots. i tried to jump into some chaos by the tank where there is a lot of action where i notice the most lag.
  9. BeeDee

    Ping spike

    Screenshots as requested. Also the FPS is at 83 becuase i /seta_commaxfps 80 down from 125 to try to reduce lag. I dont think there was much difference.
  10. BeeDee

    Ping spike

    i have my fps counter on. is usually steady at 125 i havent noticed any issues there. i have turned my fps down to 76 since having the issue though.
  11. *cough* *cough*
  12. BeeDee

    Ping spike

    i will do this later tonight or tomorrow. How many screen shots? gameplay seems to be stable until i get into a big gun fight. then the lag comes and i die.
  13. i drink entirely too many energy drinks. Mostly Rockstar. Currently have a zero carb and zero sugar its in a blue can and tastes like blueberries.
  14. BeeDee

    Ping spike

    i went on amazon last night and bought a USB ethernet adapter and an ethernet cord. I am going to see if maybe playing with the ethernet cord will help instead of playing over WiFi. Should be here tomorrow. I have turned on my lagometer, but i am unsure on how to read it.
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