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  1. Hello Guys, after long time i would re-download my Discord App for my Laptop. It work fine, but after the Download i cant start it.. everytime i will have a Error Message.. Here SS: maybe some1 have same problem or know how to help. Thanks in advancce, Basti~ ps: if picture too small or not possible to download use the link for see the pic: file:///C:/Users/User/Pictures/Screenshots/Screenshot%20(3).png
  2. Snjekie

    Set Level

    Hey guys, I still need LVL 5 on the NoQuarter server. Have not found anyone who can set the LVL and then I was proposed (thanks for the idea Smoky) to ask in the forum. In this sense, all a good weekend and a beautiful Advent season ~ Snjek!e *
  3. @Markarov welcome here Nice to see another German mate Even because we play 2 different games I think we see us only sometimes via Discord or Clan page, but anyway. Good Luck and have Much Fun on the CoD Server ~snjekie
  4. Snjekie


    Hey guys, since there is not a thread about the movie Venom yet, I thought I'll just start it from me. Did you watch the movie? I thought it was really good (the part I saw, so half haha =)) here the trailer left: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9Mv98Gr5pY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLCn88bfW1o&t=21s Feel free to post your opinion on the movie if you've already watched or just say how you liked the trailer Greeting Snjeekie
  5. maybe we can set it for all servers that 20k xp = LVL 1 and for Legends with million or more XP (like Romash on RCTR Jay) Clanfriend Legend lvl or so.
  6. Heya, welcome back and still Happy New Year!
  7. Tomorrow Go to WORK again, lets fight! Goodness only 4,5h 😛

  8. Hi Guys, I have a problem with my autoexec and also with etconfiq .. I've rebuilt my bit, but some things are not working as they should 1.) Brightness is too dark, and I can not figure out where I can adjust this 2.) Names are not displayed properly .. I have actually replaced an old name but for some reason I still have them in and not my originals (snjekie) .. 3.) Direction: my direction is constantly changing .. that is .: I do pointer left, he goes right .. and just as if I try the other way round .. Maybe someone has nh standard Cfg that I can copy and modify or knows how I can do my "right". (as file my Cfg) Good night and thank you in advance Basti / Snjekie autoexec.cfg
  9. sure, if i have my solution for my little discord problem, then yeah :)!
  10. COUNTDOWN: 5 days until last day of 2018 ! :) :party

  11. hello Kiba, its possible to make Signature for me: What is the signature about? Wolfenstein ET with Fearless Assassins Logo in Backround Colour Red Black White (Backgorund) Maybe with some smoke or fog The size of the signature in pixels? maybe 1024 x 768 or little bigger The colour combination you prefer? Red Black White The text you want on the signature?My Name (*Snjek!e* and the =F|A= Logo, also "Fearless Assass!ns" text) Anything signature maker should avoid? ---- Hope thats enough Details, and thanks in advance
  12. sad to hear that,. Y'll have my depest condolences.. Stay Strong mate
  13. Merry X-Mas all and have nice Hollidays!
  14. @Snuffs99 ill do it, but in et its still 1.3, ill change it in confiq to 2.0 but if i start game with this cfg its also 1.3 again, idk why
  15. @DoubleDragon thanks for the information, ill do it if im home.
  16. an ex #FRA. Member if i'm remember right or? Maybe you remember also Lo89LMan (old FRA Dude) Welcome on Forum, cya on Server mate.! Oh, and good luck with your apply
  17. Happy Birthday @0siE. have a nice day and also NIce X-Max Time! Greetz @Snjekie
  18. Snjekie


    haha lul i was 2times in Movie Section but override all time this topic haha so i thought i will create one, now 2 (better as nothing )
  19. yes, everytime but only german rap most time. international just only 6ix9ine or sometimes Em!n3M

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