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  1. Snjekie


    haha lul i was 2times in Movie Section but override all time this topic haha so i thought i will create one, now 2 (better as nothing )
  2. Snjekie


    Hey guys, since there is not a thread about the movie Venom yet, I thought I'll just start it from me. Did you watch the movie? I thought it was really good (the part I saw, so half haha =)) here the trailer left: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9Mv98Gr5pY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLCn88bfW1o&t=21s Feel free to post your opinion on the movie if you've already watched or just say how you liked the trailer Greeting Snjeekie
  3. yes, everytime but only german rap most time. international just only 6ix9ine or sometimes Em!n3M
  4. Snjekie


    wow, thats damn amazing!
  5. Hi. Willkommen in unserer FAmilie… 😊

    1. Snjekie


      danke danke :)

  6. Hello Guys, its possible to change my NickName to Snjekie on Forum bcs i want to have same Name as in Game, have a nice Night/Next Day , Goodnight ~Basti
  7. no no no, never S04, but forever BVB Bro ❤️ :) haha, just joKe


    Nice to see another German Guy :)

  8. Pk3 cleaner, srry idk what that is or where i can find it, Version is Normal W:ET 16Bit if i dont wrong, My native Language is germany
  9. Heii Guys, its that also possible to make the ET Menu in =F|A= Style for all time? If i start 1st connect i must search server other the normal Global-LIst, if i disconnect then again and see the Menu its in =F|A= style, how i can set these for everytime in this style for faster Server connecting :)? (hope this english is understandble) Tanks in advance for every help and try.
  10. Hellouw Guys, its possible to make an signature for me in Battlefield StyLe What is the signature about? Battlefield (Gameplay or nearly like that ) The size of the signature in pixels? 1920 x 1080 if that possible The colour combination you prefer? red, blue, dark light and so on (like Battlefield cother ) The text you want on the signature? $njekie Anything signature maker should avoid? ---
  11. Maybe that's Possible to make some Xmas maps on Bg1 like Xmas versions for Goldrush or Oasis? That's look rlly nice for this Time.
  12. was by on this server for 1 month. id Like it but nobody was Online, but is nice to see if this server will get more activity

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