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  1. I can't give much more about it because Rendel & Hitch have already put it in a nutshell, but I'm with you on one thing. The bots don't have to be, there are really too many, maybe you can really reduce these to 5 or 6 per team.

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  2. When I saw the first part of the trailer, I was slightly pleased.
    When the two brothers meet again, there is a slight tingling of nerves.
    And then, omg, Han comeback?
    I practically fell off my chair.
    I've been a Drift Han fan since Tokyo.
    It's just a shame that he no longer drives an Rx7 there
  3. Hey Guys, 

    AS u all See if you will connect to BG#2 has damn much bots. 

    Its maybe possible to do bots deleted until only 10/15 vs 10/15 and if some1 join Team disconnect a bot, looks better and its nicer too play with regulary only As bots also with in (maybe Server then not so full yea but looks nicer and play is also nicer then) 


    Yea thats all haha, maybe can think about it or make poll for it :P



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