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  1. Welcome back Old Mate
  2. Hello Nirv, nice to See u again old buddie Here is Rexxus btw Cya on server bro Maybe u remember me and also @2rk who also a part from US now
  3. Hey and welcome here :nice too meet u again
  4. Welcome back also here Guy, +1 for German Team
  5. @LeftWingVixen haha xD
  6.  Lycium


    Hey Guys due until now no topic Abt Instagram on Homepage maybe can Start it haha If anyone use the APP post your Name/Account or nice topics from there here xD (Just for fun) I'll Start with my ACC: Add me there if u would: https://www.instagram.com/bastisilencer/
  7. Hey Guys, AS u all See if you will connect to BG#2 has damn much bots. Its maybe possible to do bots deleted until only 10/15 vs 10/15 and if some1 join Team disconnect a bot, looks better and its nicer too play with regulary only As bots also with in (maybe Server then not so full yea but looks nicer and play is also nicer then) Yea thats all haha, maybe can think about it or make poll for it Snjekie
  8. @HeadhunterZ ye in Germany we have tekno music er with name Frenchcore hehe So wasn't know if u mean the artist or the genre :] OK then it's other guys, But maybe your clan less period will be end with us Cheers -=)
  9. Heii Mate and Welcome by us on the FA Forum Frenchcore mh ? so Tekno frenchcore or other kind of it? Oh and: Are u the ex- Headshot Member Headhunterz from TWC? ?
  10. @Markarov welcome here Nice to see another German mate Even because we play 2 different games I think we see us only sometimes via Discord or Clan page, but anyway. Good Luck and have Much Fun on the CoD Server ~snjekie
  11. Heya, welcome back and still Happy New Year!
  12. Tomorrow Go to WORK again, lets fight! Goodness only 4,5h 😛

  13. sure, if i have my solution for my little discord problem, then yeah :)!
  14. COUNTDOWN: 5 days until last day of 2018 ! :) :party

  15. hello Kiba, its possible to make Signature for me: What is the signature about? Wolfenstein ET with Fearless Assassins Logo in Backround Colour Red Black White (Backgorund) Maybe with some smoke or fog The size of the signature in pixels? maybe 1024 x 768 or little bigger The colour combination you prefer? Red Black White The text you want on the signature?My Name (*Snjek!e* and the =F|A= Logo, also "Fearless Assass!ns" text) Anything signature maker should avoid? ---- Hope thats eno
  16. sad to hear that,. Y'll have my depest condolences.. Stay Strong mate
  17. Merry X-Mas all and have nice Hollidays!
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