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  1. Say it first in Server, also here: Happy Birthday Vindstot !
  2. hey Guys, thanks for the tipps. i was bit inactive. Have now new Laptop and can now Play under normal et (before was ET:Legacy) Now all go fine by me Anyway, thanks for the Tipps. Cya! Haze / 187|Phasma
  3. Hello =F|A= i have a little problem with some Silent server, ET close himself and say my this (see Picture) Everybody know, how i can save it :/
  4. Bit late xd... Happy New year :D

  5. HaZe

    Thank you F|A

    Nice words Drogter Nikesky here
  6. Hny to you

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. HaZe


      Oh then i was thought wrong xD

      But i mean Happy New Year :D

    3. RedBaird


      Haze, you were right and I was wrong! :D


      Oh, that is right, I "thought wrong".

    4. HaZe
  7. Maybe little Late but Happy New Year Guys.
  8. Happy New Year :)

    1. RedBaird


      Gelukkig nieuwjaar


  9. I can.t wait more Last times i always watch Star Wars 7 and Rogue Oune at Home.. Star Wars 8 will start 14. DEC in Germany <3 <3 love it
  10. NIce idea. I like sniperservers and I'm sure about that this sniper will be well visited But what for sniper? Crossing sniper or normal ?
  11. HI can we add Minastirith on NoQuarter #1 i like that map, he is big, and good for so many Player. ~Haze
  12. Live is boring without ET ;):D

  13. Hii Guys i have pics and signatures for My Profile But i have little prob. The link will be fine, and will be insert, all fine. But then i can.t do "OK" and save that option :/ Anyone why? #I hope all understand my englisch lol :/ My Pics / GIF's:

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