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  1. Hope to be in time; I've been there a few years ago. What would you like to know? What kind of activities you like? And what period are you going?
  2. Waar is de tijd dat er enkel flible flible uit kwam....
  3. That's because 'de echte friet' is best to be tasted in Belgium, so they can only call it 'frieten' Al de rest is patat! Nog West-Vlamingen hier?
  4. May i say: what an idea! Just finished 2h on the server, needs some finetuning though, but it feels like the good old days again!
  5. Aaaargh


    Has anyone seen the movie in the meantime? Planning to go and watch it maybe soon
  6. Yes! a very beautiful island. Been there a couple of years ago, hiking. Have you been to Porto Santo by boat? It is like paradise over there!
  7. Auwtsch, expensive habbit in Norway. 1 year ago I lived aprox. 5 km from the brewery Delirium, their blond beer is quite good too. If you need any other belgium recommendations, just ask Favourite Belgian beers i can recommend; Chimay (blue), Rochefort 8 or 10, the exclusive west-vleteren, ... On a hot and sunny day I enjoy Erdinger Weissbier As a favourite mixed drink: Limoncello - tonic!
  8. Aaaargh


    Hello and on the forums!
  9. Hello and ! Was nice practising my knife on you today
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