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  1. Hey guys i thought it would be cool to test if you like this song instead of original one in Supply-depot map. It shouldnt be a problem to replace the original mp3. Tell me what do you think. Thanks.
  2. No heavy weapons is not good, only panzer is lame. The only way i see panzer as team useful weapon is by destroying tanks and trucks, it is an anti tank weapon indeed and it should be used as so.
  3. I undestand flamer, a good defensive weapon, mortar that is very strategic and auxilary for artillery, but i saw many panzer stupid committing suicide exploding in short distance just for annyoing and irritating the game. However i was speaking about only a server with no panzerfaust and not to all FA server.
  4. Hey guys i wanted to ask if there is an F|A server where panzerfaust is disabled, i hate it so much!!
  5. Tried the adrenalin to others in the silent server and i have to say its really nice, strategic one! It could be nice in jay server if possible.
  6. Didnt know this, i play also in hardcore server, i didnt see this thing, maybe because i have tiny xp. Nice one indeed, give adrenaline to temmates.
  7. Adrenaline only to engie can be a trouble, imagine all ppl using engie to kill better, in my opinion its better adrenaline for all class and xp 0. It should be fair. For the no adrenaline for all, yes it could be fair but F|A have got alreaady no adren server, the jay #1.
  8. Hi guys, i wanted to suggest a change if it is possible in server jay #2 because i noticed something for me unfair. Having the adrenaline only after some XP could be a bit unfair, it could be better to set adrenaline already with zero xp. Generally new players if they arent good enough, they could be discouraged to continue to play being easily killed by players with adrenaline. What do you think?
  9. Thank you all guys. One thing, it isnt the first time i play et, some years ago i played in FA server for much time, my nickname was Caesar. I remember daredevil and dj,i think it was the year 2011
  10. Hey Kel, eheh half right, i am transgender girl indeed
  11. Thank you it could be nice but im not sure to guarantee my presence in gaming like this period. Normally in summer i play much, but during the year im not sure.
  12. Yes i am the Emily without colors ^__^
  13. Hi guys, my name is Emily and im new player in enemy territory. Of course i play in your servers, especially the jaymod #2. Normally i like playing with all classes (engie, field op, etc...) but my favourite is the covert op with sniper. Generally i love sniper in every shooting game

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