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  1. Ready player one of Spielberg... Amazing !

    1. (FORCE)


      Thx for the review! :>

  2. Going to see Ready player one of Spielberg.

    1. (FORCE)


      Feel free to write a review. ;>

  3. Ask me to do something ... A project... A challenge ... And i see if i can do it.

    1. Sonofdoc


      I don't got anything :D

    2. yoyo


      ask me to something.. I m like.. I be on top.. deadline passed.. did nothing... story of my life.

  4. As a French people can say ... La vache ! O.o It's been a long time they are married ... I wish them it never end. Kiss to your grand parents French.
  5. That's why we love FA. Always good job. You guys got all a staff need to be the greatest server on ET.
  6. Hi everyone, so I'm going to present the project that I hold dear for a little while. Many jet maps have unauthorized access, such as Ruins. So I plan to create a subject that I would update regularly by adding screenshots to reference all these places in pictures and allow players to know where they can and can not go when they come want to do some TrickJumping. I let you give me your opinion, if it is favorable I will see later with the staff to create this topic and highlight it. Hoping that you like it, I wish you all a great day! ImSwarTz.
  7. Thanks all for your replies
  8. Hello everyone ! I come back to introduce myself today for those who do not know me. My username is ImSwarTz, formerly Kenox_IPlatinium. I play mostly on the server Jay1. I also play on TrickJumps servers which I will not mention the name, ET is a game that I play for approximately 9/10 years. In relation to me, I am 19 years old and come from France, I do motorcycle motorcycle very often, sometimes on track, it's my passion. Hoping to see you again on the servers FA I wish you all a great session of frag and a good day to all my friends ! Kiss <3
  9. Ride hard or go home. Life must be live at 200 Mph.

    1. PhoeniXx


      Sometimes take it slow.... And enjoy some beautiful moments... Which u may miss :)

    2. MosesIsComingLookBusy


      I used to go at full speed but then I slowed down but then I lived and now I'm sober and everything is f***ing boring and I want to kill people, but I like how life is in slow motion and then suddenly heartbeating anxiety scary oh f*** im going to die im not an adult f*** this help me and thej you fall in love

  10. ImSwarTz

    No title.

    Hi, so i have to re apply in 6 mounth time ? Lv 4 deleted ? Cheers.
  11. Heya, will be back tomorrow, kiss !
  12. Hey guys, I'll be back in few days, I am at my parents house. Far of my apartment and my pc.. so... see you in 2/3 days. Have fun on F|A servers ! Lovely Hypno
  13. French know this men too, he is a legend, he answer to people "like a boss" or ... like a troll :')
  14. Superman are you here ? U.u Hi there