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  1. Happy Birthday L47Y!

  2. L47Y

    problem with etkey

    Hi guys, ive bought a new laptop and i want to stop using my old PC. I made a copy of my etkey and pasted it in the etmain folder of my ET on the laptop.. But it seems not to work... My XP should be the same like on my old PC, right ? And my admin lvl schould be the same, too, right ? Because this is all not the case. Am i doing something wrong ? Or is it necessery to do some further steps ? Greetz lazy ;-)
  3. my first name was ">nico<" than " sextoy" then Alc&$angr|A mhhh .... and than only Lazy -> l47y or variations of it
  4. on NQ its probably conquery and do0m against who i loose the most battles :-) respect mates! on the other servers I´´m not familiar enough to answer this question! :-P
  5. how can i make SSs ? i dunno, pls help! its pity that i dont have screenshots, i had some nice scores the last time on NQ!
  6. L47Y

    Favorite Maps

    my favs are: Bremen, supply, caen, because of the 15 and 20 min running time ;-) goldrush is also very good, because many streets, where it doesnt matter when u are in the bad team! the most horrible map for me is oasis, because there are just a few tunnels, where the most fights are decided by rifles, flamers and panzers... and this sucks! xD
  7. L47Y


    mate, do u still have xfire ? sorry if u said it yet, but i rather ask again ;-)
  8. L47Y


    no, i quit very often and started again. I have a disturbing bad internet connection, but I´m enduring it now ;D Pls visit FA noquarter more frequently. Than well own the server together! :-) Might, wish good luck with ur apply, hope others will appreciate your enrichment for us! :-P So visit the servers!!! Cya Nicolas
  9. L47Y


    omg Jordan ? are u pimp*heaven ? sorry, if I´m wrong. If u are the one, i mean, than I am very glad to see u here!! We had a nice time together hope u remember the old Lazy ;-) now my name is l47y, with F|A tag! Greets Nicolas
  10. L47Y


    Achso ;-) jetzt weiß ich ja bescheid! so ein ganz geheimer clan von in belgien wohnenden deutsch sprechenden superfraggern! ;D greetz
  11. Hi ferkel! u insane fragger! ;D
  12. L47Y


    my ingame names first letter is "L" .. so it stands for lazy. Nicht schlecht Ferkel. Kannst ja sogar bischen deutsch!:-P ur are belgium, arent u ?
  13. L47Y


    krzys than try hard! its not easy! :-P
  14. L47Y


    hello everyone, My name is nicolas and I am from Germany. Maybe you know me with my nickname "l47y". Im a big sports freak.. and thats actually the main fact about me! :-P I am playing et since three years and theres no reason for stopping it. I made an apply here, hope some more guys of you can vote! anyway, greets from L47Y
  15. u play 6-10 hours a day ? wow ..

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