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  1. Yo guys go check out my latest video for my home team the Detroit Lions. https://www.facebook.com/MatthewWhooo/videos/1949086888452458/ Thanks
  2. Go drop a like on my newest video and drop a sub to my channel if you haven't, thanks guys Video Description- "I put over a month worth of hours into drawing storyboards, shooting footage and editing this video over the course of a couple months while juggling/working on other projects. I wanted to create my own series of videos/films based on historic and famous battles that I've always been fascinated with as a military history nerd, and give a visual glimpse into how chaotic and gruesome they were yet also the bravery and courage that was displayed. For this video I used the game Call
  3. I made a post a while ago about the community frag video i am directing & editing. Since about 3 weeks or so ago since i released the soundtrack for the video and opened my inbox for clip submissons and have had many pour in. Insurgency clips however (For the most part) are longer then normal frag demos/cips, thus only 30 or so players will make it in this video. I will have plenty for a second which i will decide if i want to make in good time. Now although i closed submissions to the public some time ago, i would like to get some F/A members to show off there skills in the frag vide
  4. Check out this video and read the description for all you need to know! CLIP SUBMISSION DEADLINE 12/10/17
  5. I posted a topic earlier in a different discussion, I am eager to get some footage together of this communities highlights and clips. Check out my profile for more details about myself If you have any frags that you think are worthy for the video send me a message or upload the clip to a hosting site (Prefer mediafire) I will be editing and directing the video, I will need some people who have the game and good rigs that can capture angles and recreate scenes for cinematics and fly bys. EVERYONE who helps or provides footage will be credited here is some work i have with frag videos and
  6. To keep it short and sweet, I am a video editor and sound designer. I've wanted to make a very dramatic and cinematic focused CS:GO Frag movie, however i need people who.. 1: have demos (clips) saved, 2: people who can record at 60fps at max settings (clips & angles) I WILL TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING ELSE! All i need is someone patient and who is a veteran with using the CS:GO console Please message me through here or add me on Steam <3 Heres a link to my youtube channel www.youtube.com/Iceproductionss Here are links to some unlisted videos that are in current production to
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