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  1. Looks great. Mendoza's got an artsy side!
  2. Neuro

    Leonardo da Vinci selfie 2018

    LOL I have this selfie with "The Thinker" in a NY museum. FROM AN iPHONE!
  3. Neuro

    Leonardo da Vinci selfie 2018

    That's not an iphone though My boy Van Gogh!!!
  4. You're married now eh? PICS OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN.

    1. Vindstot


      no pics after an hour, we are now permitted to declare it as never happend :P

  5. Humuhumunukunukuāpuaʻa

    Can summer be here already?

    1. Vindstot
    2. Bowly


      I'm already waiting for winter :|

    3. Vindstot


      no! winter is the worst season imo. its cold and stuff....

  6. Neuro

    Mr.karizmatic The Grind

    Hey K, thanks for clarifying yourself to me! Thanks for helping me the other day on vc though it was brief as well as the other times here and there through chat. You are a busy man (better busy than not right?) and I think you're great. Glad RL job is a success for you. Neuro
  7. Besides the fact that halfway through I thought you were outing him (with his permission of course), I really enjoyed reading this. I'm learning that the internet is a vast world of it's own. Another dimeeeeeension. JK. I grew up on this idea that the internet is someplace not to be trusted so don't share any personal information, but man have I learned that it's actually helped me. A year ago I wouldn't think I could get emotionally attached to the internet, but yep it happened. Well back during my first days of ET I kinda was and now that attachment has just evolved. Why, because there is a sense of connection with other people (stories, conversations, laughs). I've found similarities, or like you have Cheep, a way to help another person. Behind these computer machines there are people with their own stories... that they may or may not share. I'm glad Smiley has got a support system with someone like you through the internet.
  8. I like this mucho. Mainly want the L1A1 back.
  9. Neuro


    Hi vehx, nice to meet you. You briefly logged on to Jay 1 the other night and talked about your band. That's awesome. I just saw my uncle play this weekend. Buncha old farts and a singer in her 20s, LOL, what a mix. About the forums- yea it seemed super bubbly to me at first and different than before's version like "omfg" where is everything taking me?! Now I like it. Something I learned was the Activity button. You gotta set up something in there to see all the status updates See ya, Neuro
  10. Neuro

    Hello everyone!

    Hey! Nice to see you. Welcome to our forum. Got any questions, let us know!
  11. Neuro

    Hi Everyone!

    Hey there! Nice to see you. Welcome to our forum! Got any questions let us know
  12. Neuro

    Hello everyone

    Welcome Oreo. Good to see you here!
  13. Neuro

    Hello everyone!

    Hello! Welcome to F|A. We appreciate your kind words.
  14. Neuro

    Pets of =F|A=

    Stars of my tank: Bob 2.0 and Dwarf Cichlid From my dog sitting Gig: Winston my love He was such a troublemaker Most adorable Boxer I've met The gentle giant
  15. Neuro

    Pets of =F|A=

    Annnnnnnnd here we go. Let's share pics of our pets! Critters to animals.