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  1. Hey man welcome back.
  2. Agree and did do that also because 1803 just runs better in my case.
  3. @Xernicus Office 365 Proplus account Digital download (what cd?)
  4. What What Batchfile did you find? So you didn't repair the component store and source using Dism?
  5. HI all, Microsoft update decided to update 1 of my laptops with windows-10 1803 version and killed my Office installation. It keeps asking for an install cd . Never had 1 and never used 1. Anybody has a clue or is it another Spring Creators bug. Cheers Anton
  6. I myself and others asked you many times Basa and i think you are more then ready to fullfill this task, go for it.
  7. Congrats mate, you really deserved this :)


    1. Anton Chigurh

      Anton Chigurh

      Thank you man

  8. Welcome to the club!

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    2. Sonofdoc


      Grats man!

    3. Stavros


      Congratz ! :)

    4. Hulk


      Congratulations anton!!👍

  9. Where you using that logitech software to control you mouse and keyboard?

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