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  1. Hi everybody nice to meet all of you! First name: Udi Any sort of Nickname?: B1GD4ddY / BiGDaddY Age: 30 What country are you from?: Israel currently live in Virginia USA Are you a Parent?: sometimes How many siblings do you have?: 2 What's your shoe size?: 11.5 (45 eu) What do you do for a living?: Bushiness owner Greatest Fear?: Failure Most Exciting thing you've ever done?: Infantry Military service in Israel Most embarrassing thing you've ever done?: Received a medal (not that great I'm not RAMBO) and didn't wake up for the ceremony First thing you look for in a new friend?: honesty Farthest you've been from home?: Hawaii What brought you to the Fearless Assassins servers/forum?: Used to play pro on Clanbase ladder 10 years ago, went back playing 2 weeks ago. found the servers on gametracker web Cat or Dog?: Dog Bull terrier What are your hobbies?: Basketball gaming chilling with friends What kind of Sports do you like?: basketball soccer What's your favorite color?: RED How about your favorite type of music?: Classic Rock Favorite Song?: Metallica S&M - No Leaf Clover / Air - playground love (gay ) What's your favorite TV show?: Frineds What kind of movies do you like? (Scary, comedy, drama etc): comedy drama action Favorite Movie?: Blow Favorite Book?: Song Of Troy What do you like most about yourself?: outgoing What do you hate most about yourself?: my ability to gain weight fast What makes you very happy?: my wife What makes you very sad?: when im hungry What's your favorite beverage?: water What you're favorite food/snack?: MEAT Favorite actor/Actress?: Ryan Gosling Favorite season? Why?: we look alike Favorite subject in school?: History Favorite thing to learn about?: marketing If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?: Brazil What are your top three games of all time?: RTCW ET Call Of Duty (the first one baby!) Besides shooters, what is your favorite genre of gaming?: none Name one game in your collection you'd be embarrassed to tell your friends about: How many games do you own?: 12 Do you play console?: yes PS4 What platform do you spend most of your gaming on? (PS, Xbox, Steam, Android etc): PS4 What's your favorite internet site (That is not FA ;P): google

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