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  1. Hey, i'm trying to make myself sniping script. The usual sensitivity, m_pitch and fps changes. Is it possible to make those settings are active only when scoping, or is some keybind toggling neccessary? Right now i have keybind toggle that 'activates' those changes, and when i open scope and close scope with altweapon it works properly. But when canceling scope in any other way, it keeps those higher sensitivity and m_pitch. Hopefully i didn't explain too complicated
  2. Beg2 new goldrush, bots missing waypoints.
  3. Hey. Those gaming stat pages are nice addition. Just suggestion to add sten as a weapon there? If this is at wrong place, feel free to move correct section.
  4. b2 Minas tirith or something like that. Axis bots will run around at front gate. Not sure if they did anything before blowing up the door.
  5. Server b2 map daybreak. When axis skips objectives (tank phase was skipped) axis bots starts to kill themselfs. Somehow they get stuck on some waypoint or so. On this crappy video it'll show selfkills and from what spawn point they run to kill themselfs.
  6. Thanks everyone! Although there isn't anything happy about this.
  7. Don't know if it's allowed to post 2 pics in row. edit. kills with ppsh atleast shows it's from different maps
  8. Let's try this. Beginner 2. 83-4 = 20.75 kdr if calculated correctly.
  9. New record \o/ ~5kg & 77cm zander

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    2. schNee
    3. RendeL


      the zander or "it"? :D

    4. Tukkonen


      Rendel, which ever floats ur boat ;) On same trip other guy got ~6.5kg and 100cm pike. But i hear it doesen't count as it was under 10kg xD pike more common

  10. A bit different approach than what i had, mine is way stupider "I wrap/wind R around a rafter and put S in the pocket"
  11. How you translate "Ärrän kierrän ympär` orren ja ässän pistän taskuun"? edit: to english ofc
  12. Morning coffee at this time (2:44 pm here)
  13. First succesfull fishing trip done! :D Rendel: now hands smells like fish for real ;o)

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    2. Tukkonen


      Ofcourse! Friend and I had an deal: We won't leave untill we have catched something :D

    3. schNee


      i meant WHAT :D

    4. Tukkonen


      lmao. Sorry too tired still, didn't realize that hat = what xD Uhm northern pike & perch

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