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  1. I also know this game came out in 2000, but look at your specs of your machine as well. You have to think the Intel Core Duo 2 is kind of outdated... I have an i7 and could render a video in 30 minutes.. would take you about 10 hours. Only 8 GB RAM and still on Windows 7. These are all factors why it's taking so much to run ET.
  2. Which customized configs have you used to try and help with your issue?
  3. coRuPT

    NBA 2017 Playoffs

    Looks like they are trying to beat last years feat and come back from 0-3 to win a Championship! lol
  4. With a friend eating seafood by the ocean "Friendsgiving" - We all got together for Thanksgiving this last year Friends at the bars
  5. User: |THC|Amnesia Amnesia said the "N" word in main chat and politely asked him not to, yet he thinks it is a joke. There were no admins on JAY1 at the time, so figured I would post on forums. Please advise on this kind of language, as I'm sure it's not allowed. I realized this is posted in the wrong section, please close.
  6. Right?? I feel like the map rotation definitely needs a change! Why does there need to be Goldrush and Goldrush-Gals? Perfect!
  7. coRuPT

    NBA 2017 Playoffs

    Cavs got embarrassed in game 1 against GS... LeBron can't do it all?! I hope that LBJ can put some fire in their asses and win game 2!
  8. Kill all processes besides Windows. Tried a custom config?
  9. Kaspersky has always done the trick for me as well.
  10. Is that a rhetorical question on what they did with the data? If it isn't, I personally don't know. I'm still investigating the issue and it's been addressed to HP. It was actually on about 90% of our computers at work which I found out.... ~1000 people. HP Has some serious explaining to do.
  11. https://arstechnica.com/security/2017/05/hp-laptops-covert-log-every-keystroke-researchers-warn/ Insane! Interesting Read! HP nor Convexant have issued a statement about this yet!! I checked one of my laptops I have and it had the version it speaks of ( I checked and there was also the MicTray.log in Users > Public. It was 0kb, so it wasn't directly writing to the log file. BUT, I did further research... I then downloaded DebugView from Microsoft's website. I could then open the log file with the DebugView and was able to see every single keystroke I made. I then checked Task Scheduler. It was then executing at startup / user log on. I then manually updated the audio driver and the log file disappeared, it's no longer available.
  12. Thank you everyone! I love how active the forums are

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