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  1. ahhhh joe.. miss havin ya around on jay 1! come back to me!!

  2. SMEE

    go some pics up of me! my first gallery

  3. lol! you like the fox!!! what does he say to you?!!

    1. LeftWingVixen


      We're not going there!


  4. SMEE

    self pic of f|a smee

    finally got a gallery!
  5. SMEE

    f|a smee agian

    havin a beer before I take my car out! lol
  6. SMEE

    Answer me #8

    control dreams. then I wouldn't need a wife. smee
  7. SMEE

    Answer me #7

    when do I get my cookie?!
  8. have had time to play jay1 more latley! good to see you all again!!

  9. SMEE

    Answer me #7

    ugly and smart. wasnt the internet invented for people like this in the first place?!
  10. hi all! i havent forgot about you!! just have no time to game as work has been super busy. talk to you all soon i hope!

    1. yoyo


      fu, atleast come once in a month on forums to say hii !!

    2. CSL


      Hey Smee hows the Plumbing Biz. @Yoyo his wife wont let him LOL

    3. Baska


      OMG BEAVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR come backkkkkkkkkk , i miss you so much !!!!!!

  11. Happy Birthday SMEE!

  12. hope everyone is doing well! just havent been in the mood to game latley.

    1. yoyo


      Seems your honeymoon have not ended yet.

    2. slenderman


      Holy shit that's the best avatar I've seen.

  13. oh whats new..... medical bills, got 2 little kittens, cars breaking down and house mortgage. taking the work while i can before a slow winter. be back soon!!

    1. yoyo


      -_- , and I thought my life is shit.

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