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  1. i Will never forget this night......

    Maybe youre a sleepwalker. They never usually remember what they do before they wake up. Or maybe a GF still use a key from your door?
  2. I finally made myself a frag video

    Wow, thats a really good Frag-movie. Impressive
  3. Happy birthday seAside

    Hello Marianne i wish you a awesome happy birthday, my girl enjoy your day and have a big fat party
  4. //Nugget here

    Hello and welcome =) regards star
  5. Website Welcome to new updated forums!

    The new one looks good, but i liked the old one more. Would be great to add a Stylechanger to the Foums
  6. magic eye gems

    I know this stuff, but i have forgotten how to find out. Was it: close one eyes, have the face right in front of that pic and go back slowly or so? uhm
  7. Good or Bad Mousepad?

    lol i had that too, but some weeks now a Steelseries Mousepad, but not the glass one. I would be scared about to buy a new Mousepad all some Weeks.
  8. Hi

    Hello, hello Andres

    Metallica and Type O Negative was the first Bands i was listening. Metallica as i was 10 or so and TON as i was 12 or 13. I still like the old stuff more than the most new Songs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m99ybtk4QNs One of my Favs
  10. opinions about shuffle

    Im a Fan of the "all 2 Maps shuffle". 1. Because when i start to play there is not always a Admin to shuffle and i have seen it alot that ppl dont even Teams, even if you mention it in Chat. Yes, i could play somehwere else, but why should i leave my Fav Server? 2. Usually the Ppl stay and just have fun killing the ppl with less Players, till the most of them go or stay in Spec and I think it should be fun for everyone, even if only 6 real Players are online. 3. Most of us dont have any Command to even Teams and its not always a Admin in xfire to ask. BUT, of course its different when the Server is full and Teams ARE even. I think its no need to shuffle then.
  11. Nursepower

    Hi Julia, welcome Herzlich Willkommen Benvenuto! Bienvenue желанный Hope to see you soon again in Hardcore. When you have Xfire, you can add me BTW, cool we have the same Age
  12. Hello everybody

    Hello Silly so you are not that shy, like your Husband said Next step is to play ET with us ET-Girls, right?
  13. champions league

    lol Bayern München got their Ass kicked very hard. Dunno how they could do so many mistakes.
  14. et server suggestion Hardcore Server: Medics

    This is definitive true and at leat you will have like 6 or 7 whiners playing in their dream server, but eveyone else left. But i know what you talking about Incoming and i know this is sometimes annoying and its not fun to play with these ppl, but its better to remind them "Play Fair", as to change the Server. It is never good to change something, cuz some players abuse the Classes.
  15. Real life Facebook

    lol awesome true. the myspace.com guy at the end was great lol