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  1. Good luck :)  I know you will be great staff.  My first child is due in a couple weeks and I didn't apply yet for the same reason.  I know I wont have time and I dont want to waste their time in doing so.  :)  Best of luck and I remember you most as TeethMarksInMyGlock 😛 

    1. Achilles90


      Hey congrats Mr. Colorado! That's Fantastic to hear!

  2. ENJOY! It's literally the only band I listen to.
  3. But no really I cant get into the account, it's been too long, hardcore is the best ET server. IJS! I've missed this place! old account: https://fearless-assassins.com/profile/4463-clarity/
  4. Clarity died, I killed him. You're welcome. That is all.
  5. Cool, I don't play on legacy though, I downloaded mine through splash damages website. But I'm glad it's doable Cool, I don't play on legacy though, I downloaded mine through splash damages website. But I'm glad it's doable
  6. traumaModel

    Can you?...

    Can you transfer your entire ET to a flash drive and run it from that?
  7. Gonna be back at it soon, got a new laptop, just getting the settings perfected. Then to break the rust off... See you on hardcore or silent.
  8. I used to play back when Antichrist first joined, with Jon, Karl, Pyro/Destiny,and quite a few other regulars from back then. Can't remember for certain, been too long, but I might have been an FA member? But I was on everyday, damn near all day.
  9. I hope he comes back, had some pretty good conversations with him. And no, honestly, I don't want my old account. This is my gaming tag now, for everything, clarity is dead lol. Along with the 8 billion other names I've used. So are any regulars still around from back then? I used to play with you too, glad to see a familiar name lol.
  10. That makes sense I guess, thank you. Anyone happen to know if Antichrist, Pyro, or any of the other old Silent regulars are still around?
  11. Lol thank you, and of course I forgot my pw. Like you said, I've been gone for like 4 years lol.

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