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  1. I bought a mouse

    Razor Death Adder, the one and only mouse that hurt my hand, the shape simply doesn´t fits me. Logitech G403 Prodigy, my best choice so far. Its always difficult for me to find the "right" sensitivity. Higher in game sensitivity causes a bad aim for a long distances, low sensitivity bad aim for close combat.. Pretty hard to find the "perfect" setting. dpi 1600 sens 5.89 fov 115
  2. K.I.A reporting

    Hi. 1 vs.1 in my opinion, especially agains a "good player" can give you some skills, but ET is mainly an objective team based shooter, were two teams should fight each other, not just two players, belive me, its more fun if you can support your team, then just keep fragging (or trying) one player. And yet i didn´t spoke about the good feeling when you perform a nice multikill with your smg. About the hitboxes, yes you are right, ET is an old game and in the original the hitboxes often seems to be desynchronized, but siLENT mod, which runs on begginers 2 also solving this issues and its working just fine. Maybe you should give it a try.
  3. K.I.A reporting

    Thanks, i am empoyed by the biggest aviation company in Czech Republic called Aero Vodochody AEROSPACE, you can check their websides if you are interessted. I am a "hardware" buyer (bolts, waschers, rivets etc.) for a lot of programs. But if i am proud of someting special made by AERO, then it would be our own production of a light jet/combat trainers L-39, L-159 and L-39NG (in developent). Every time they fly over my head i am getting goseebumbs. My dream is to make a pilot licence for small motorized planes, but its quite expensive in my country and the planes even more, but never say never.
  4. K.I.A reporting

    Hi, first of all, Thanks for all your positive welcomes i am glad to be here. This is kind of funny the server is called "beginners 2", but many of the players joining this server regulary are in my opinion a very good players and thats why i am so enterteined playing there. You never know who is going to rekt you in a next few seconds. You know, you can always fight a bunch of new players somewere else and feel like a boss, but that does´t takes you any further. Play and die against the best and become the best in the future, if you can sustain many of your deaths, thats for sure. Also the setting of the sILENT mod really suits my requirements, the new weapons like PPSH are amazing. Keep up the amazing job guys and see you in the battle.
  5. K.I.A reporting

    Hi Guys, I am from Czech Republic my real name is Jiří (George) but some of you will propably know me as -=K.I.A=- (this nick does´t have anything to do with the kia cars, its an official US army status for those who gets "Killed in Action" like me. Came back to ET after 12 years and learning how to play again for about 3 months now, i have never been in any clan, just a solo player.. I own a beutiful dog named Frodo and a girlfrend ) below you will find a pinned template i dared to fill, i don´t constrain anybody to read it, but if you want know something more about me, feel free to continue. See you in the game! First name: my name in Czech language is Jiří but you can call me George the pronaunciation could be quite difficult Any sort of Nickname?: if some of you is playing ET on "Begginers 2" you would propably know me as -=K.I.A=- Age: i am an elder one 37 What country are you from?: Czech Republic Are you a Parent?: Not yet How many siblings do you have?: 1 What's your shoe size?: 11 What do you do for a living?:i am a buyer in the Aerospace industry Greatest Fear?: What is Fear ? Most Exciting thing you've ever done?: it depens, maybe taking an aerobatic flight Most embarrassing thing you've ever done?: dancing, for me very embrassing it took a lot of beers First thing you look for in a new friend?: Loayality Farthest you've been from home?: Greece What brought you to the Fearless Assassins servers/forum?: Some guyz from F/A Wooter, Johny 008, Alphaloki Cat or Dog?: Dog only, hate cats What are your hobbies?: Swimming, SnB, Mountin Bikes What kind of Sports do you like?: Something what gives me some adrenalin. What's your favorite color?: Green How about your favorite type of music?: Punkrock, Reggae, DnB, Fantasy Favorite Song?:Authority zero-Find your way What's your favorite TV show?: Don´t like TV very much What kind of movies do you like? (Scary, comedy, drama etc): Action, Scary, Fantasy. Favorite Movie?:Inglorious Bastards Favorite Book?: LOTR What do you like most about yourself?: A strong will to learn something new, at any cost, no matter how long it takes and how it hurts... What do you hate most about yourself?: Inpatience What makes you very happy?: Sunny weather, my girlfrend, my dog... What makes you very sad?: To much duties, and when the things go simply wrong=Bad day What's your favorite beverage?: Pure water... What you're favorite food/snack?: Pizza Favorite actor/Actress?: Sean Connery, Jason Statham Favorite season? Why?: Spring, sunny but not too hot... Favorite subject in school?: Mechanics Favorite thing to learn about?: WWII airplanes If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?: New Zealand What are your top three games of all time?: DOOM, ENEMY TERRITORY, Witcher 3 Besides shooters, what is your favorite genre of gaming?: Good old MMORPGs like Ultima Online Name one game in your collection you'd be embarrassed to tell your friends about: i dont own such a game How many games do you own?: many, i am quite a player Do you play console?: never, only PC What platform do you spend most of your gaming on? (PS, Xbox, Steam, Android etc): PC What's your favorite internet site (That is not FA ;P): youtube Best Regards K.I.A