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  1. Funny screenshots from our server!

    https://fearless-assassins.com/gallery/image/7948-call-magic-lemon/ some fun with Hubsan the Knife-Lord
  2. What mouse you use in ET or COD?

    Hi mates! Im using a roccat kone xtd. Bought this mouse like 1,5 years ago - in its configurationmenu u can adjust the buttons. 2 of them are set for changing dpi (which handles the sensitivity). u can set the levels 1-5. Handling and grip are excellent! ATM u can buy the mouse for like 60 €. i would buy again
  3. et server suggestion New map suggestion!

    Lets go test it like boki said, theres much open space but this could be fun for long distance shootings and sniperfun By the way, bring back the tramfight map pls xD
  4. Moin!

    Hello everyone! I play j1 for some time now and want to become a part of the community! I'm 24 y/o and live in northern germany at the baltic sea. My hobbys are sports, sailing and music. Gaming: I play Fifa 17, Battlefield 4, GTA V and mostly Enemy Territory on FA Servers. Shoutout to some players like Hubsan, Boki, Dr. Spreadem and Hodor! Gaming is fun - enjoy it