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  1. hey guys well i'm back on the f|a severs and here t stay well what happen to me was that i was livin in the usa but i moved to a new counrty and just got internet it a lil slow but works um i change my name to MYST3RIEZ i was f3cal but i don't like that name..... well i'm back and hope to have fun...
  2. sup F|A members and players i have a promblem wit xfire i make my acount and that stuff but days laters it give a virus or crashing and i just wanna to know if this happens to u guys it happen to me 3 times in a roll for your support keep up the good work F3CAL
  3. oh cool hope u have fun these sever r one of the best out there
  4. Peace and Love in this holiday!

    Let this holiday be reborn in love and light of hope! ... And that hope turned into wonderful reality!!

    For my friend on this holiday wish the best of the best.

    HAPPY XMAS!!!!!

  5. woooooooo we made it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we have one of the best sever out there we are the campions.! drinks on me...
  6. ERH i don't get it...
  7. you can download the pb from right here on the forums
  8. xfire??... erh i downloads once and it gave me a virus ok... now i fix it and downloaded again and it' gave me another virus does this happen to u guy just wondring
  9. oh i'm talking about hardcord i only talk what on my mind
  10. dis game looks nice i would like to play it can u guys tell me where can i download it lol thx
  11. hey guys there is lack of work from the members F|A u guys have wacth ur severs do your part to keep it save ok. im not even a member of the clan but when i see something wrong i tell u guys like to kick or warn somebody and the reason but u guys don't pay anttenicon you guys need to keep your sever up there really good plz do your part to keep F|A save and fun FROM: F3CAL

    why you need milk

    guys do a favor for your self get off the computer and go out side to play sports or this can happen to you!!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-A6G0GQsoY&NR=1
  13. here a video of the evil eye hope u like it lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5ALIL7T764

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