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  1. Happy B-Day .. enjoy it:-)
  2. Ahoi BigBro first off all .... how much money can you get for it and want do you want to do with it ? It´s quite difficult to give a hint without a few keyfacts What is a bigger Screen... and can you place a separat Screen?
  3. @Vanaraud i understand me wrong. Not only NVme only will double or triple Budget the whole… x3600+mainboard+ Ram (DDR4 and discussions about DDR5) aso. Afaik the mx500 is a little bit slow on NVme 500Mb/s vs ca 2000 at Samsung 970 evo. If you wanna buy NVme at Crucial then buy P1.
  4. There are alltime new components … but he ist starting in lower price range. We can start a discussion about DDR 5, NVme, PCI-E, Videocards aso. But then he has to double or triple his Budget.
  5. True but DDR5 comes/goes with Ryzen zen 3 4000 at end of this year or early next year. Like in the older days at start the Ram and Mainboard are quite expensive and the question is when he want a new rig.
  6. At first... the last percent more power are the expensives Sure you can buy a x570 mainboard but afaik the cheapes Mainboard cost 180€ in Germany and a r5 3600 (best buy i think) 209€. In spite of 80€ for a B450 and 160€ for the ryzen 2600x. Nearly 390 vs 240€. If you wanna get a R7 3700x 349€ ... and i have in mind it wasn t a good buy. If your budget is 500$ = 451€ it could be a problem. RAM 70-100€, Videocard 200€ if you want more you can double the price. And you can spent alot of money. Try to fix want you can spent for... if you "only" wanna spent 500$ for all you can t get the highest power. Ryzen 5 2600x 160€ B450 Asrock 80€ Ram 80€ PSU 70€ Video 180€ (for example 1650) SSD 70€ (512 GB Sandisk or Crucial) HDD 40€ (Seagate 1TB) Case 30€ (something like Sharkoon VS4) 710€ If you need a Windows licence .... a little bit more. Now its up to you ... with a R7 nearly 860€ wíth a lot of more power...Nvidia 2070 1180€ aso. But for ET and youtube .... this is really overpowered. https://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/AMD-Ryzen-7-3700X-vs-AMD-Ryzen-5-2600X/4043vs3956 R7 3700x vs r5 2600x 19% more power for a self study : https://www.forbes.com/sites/antonyleather/2019/07/07/amd-ryzen-9-3900x-and-ryzen-7-3700x-review-old-ryzen-owners-look-away-now/#2d8f0341d549
  7. oha dam long text, At first ... sorry my english isn t well and i hope that i understand it all in the right way I have an eye on your piclist and a few statements. 1. The Ryzen 2600x is an option anymore. The Ryzen 3000 is much more faster but it cost here in germany 210 € and you need a Mainboard to use all power from the x570 Range (cost 150-250€; the less expensiv B-Series isn t in reach). 2. The mainboard: The msi tomahawk is nice but if you wanna save up some money you can have a look at the Asrock B-450 Pro4 (80-90€) 3. Power Supply: i didn t know this one ... but for a little bit more ....thermaltake Berlin 630 with 80plus. 4. Have an eye on the 2600x and try the box cooler. At the beginning it´s not really good but ok 5.Case: i have no Idea... 6. Boot drive SSD is a really good idea ... your system is getting much more faster. (512Gb Sandisk 50-60€) 7. A hint... if you have an older graka with PCIE try to use them first so you can buy a video card later..... 8. Build a computer isn t really hard. Look some youtube video how to build and you can make it on your own 9. If you need help we will be there (with bad english :-))) If you wanna get a computer from dell or others... it is hard to make an update, The power supply for example is often design only for the components which you buy not for another video card ... I hope this will help you.... My Rig atm: Ryzen 2600x boxed Asrock B450 Gaming 16GB Ram Aegis 3000Mhz 3x 1TB HDD WD, Samsung, .... 512 GB SSD Boot 512 GS SSD Nvme testing Ati Vega 56 low voltage Cooler Master MC500 Chieftec 750 W and it works There just one more: try to focus on the pc first. A Monitor isn t much cost intensiv (perhaps if you want to get a bit 144Hz it will be expensive) and the power supply is the most important part. If you have trouble with it ..... it can beat other components. If you wanna get later a ryzen 3xxx it is possible to use it with B450 Mainboard. But atm the ramspeed is less.
  8. With the BIOS 4803 i think the board supports Ryzen 3000:-)
  9. Smoky


    Hello and Welcome in
  10. Im not sure about prices at your contry but in germany you can get cheap AMD Ryzen 2600x or 2700x 190€ boxed (surely the Ryzen 3000 is comming but i think he has to spent a lot more of money to get PCIe 4.0 and a little bit of power for much more money, if he want an upgrade Ryzen 3000 should be working on AM4 Boards) 16GB RAM G.Skill 73€ MSI B450 Gaming plus 88€ Graka if you wanna have NVIDIA ... which Resolution do you prefer to play Full HD or 4K? 1060 or 2060 SSD 512 GB for OS aso Crucial MX 500 73€ How much money do you want to spent ?

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