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  1. So just to bump this thread in hopes to get hold of some server owners... I have pretty much finished this app/program for you guys for free as requested. I need to program in and edit a few small lines of code, basically just need to change the URLs for each server, at the moment i have been testing this with my websites redirect. So all I need to do is change it so it connects to your website redirects for each server. I gave this program a fair bit of thought, if a server name changes you only need to update a line of text in the app i made and it will automatically update the name in the rest of the code for you saves a LOT of time, same for if you ever change websites/redirects for each server, when you update the app and add it to your site, people who are running an older version will be told the newer version has been released. I don't know what else i can say or add? This is a very custom program specifically designed for the FA clan, it doesn't require a genius to make changes to my scripting as every single thing has descriptions, it just requires you to know a little bit of C# programming. I can release it to the owners on here OR if you guys would prefer, I can continue to work on adding features and updates to it in the future? I cannot release this app to you guys UNTIL i can get into contact with the owners of servers of FA so i can actually add the redirect URL's to the app so it can scan your server redirect for maps/pk3s etc. This currently ONLY downloads the maps and menu pk3's stored in etmain, I can adapt this in time, i'm just curious to see if it will be used first. Heres some features: * Lets you remove all garbage/temporary files that cause your downloading of maps to lagg out. * When your server owners update a menu pk3 without changing its name you will have issues connecting to server as you have same file name existing but files within dont match, this app also makes sure your files are the same as the ones on server to prevent any connecting issues. * If the game servers url gets changed or are updated, as long as that member contacts me, or edits themself my program, then anyone who uses this app will be told when a new version is available for downloading, so you will never have out of date server files, even if you dont check the FA website as long as you run this program once a week, you will know if anything new is available to download. Can't think of much else to add to this app for you guys? If you need a etkey generator, patch selector, pb updater, you can use my HSetkeygenerator program. Some Screenshots:
  2. BUMP, I am finally back in Australia and have the net running again... So I'm keen to get this app working so i can release it to you guys and give my private written source code to the FA higher ups so they may alter it for future use if they wish.
  3. Pfft why leave cheepy, you seem to fit in well here, nice community from what i have seen, and their servers are much better for your ping brother ;)

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      well indeed unfortunately



      Maybe he's pulling a double April fools joke and he is actually leaving.

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      Hehe, nah i highly doubt it ;)

  4. Cheers for the update, if you guys wanbt, i can fix the redirect on the pk3s as well, i used to make a few mods and things way back in the day and re-modding the pk3s is really easy just a few lines of code, but I would also need permission from you guys to do so as their is a readme inside the menu pk3 stating noone is entitled to alter without permission :/. It doesn't look like its under a proper copyright license but still I dont want to cause any disrespect with F|A im only trying to help out the ET community. To be honest if Cheep Heep wasn't in this clan I probably wouldn't have even checked you guys out :/
  5. You can always visit me and join your fellow chicken buddies in my backyard haha ;).

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      As long as I remain supreme

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  6. So, do you know where the redirect is for the server files? That is the location of each server but the server files that people download are from a redirect hosting server, and not all servers seem to use the same redirect?. I'm after the hosting files/site like this: https://burgo.hsgaming.net/files/
  7. So the defragging option is added and complete: I deisgned it so that it shuld match up with every single mod running in ET. I know FA don't support all mods, but I don't see why I would release something that only half do a job..
  8. Yep, I added a manifest file to the app im working on so it will require to be ran as admin to work, this will ensure it can access ET and also the NET to download files from servers. I have UAC enabled, I like to think of it as a kind of firewall for apps, Most of the apps that need admin access usually will reuquest it anyway through a manifest file.
  9. Usually they are stored in the etmain folder, their not called cache in ET, et calls them ".tmp". If UAC is enabled then all your ET files from servers are probably stored in the hidden location on virtual store: C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory the files you want to remove have the file extension ".pk3.tmp", I realized today i wasn't running ET as admin on my laptop and files from ET were stored in etmain/ virtual store, that too will create FPS lagg as your running maps from different directories, if you have any maps there i suggest move them back to original install location and make sure your running ET as admin. The HS Patch Selector app from memory also makes sure ET is set in run as admin mode? Need to look into that... @CheepHeep, it would be really great if you can get a hold of the admins that host the servers and have them PM me the server redirect URLs, so i can set the app to connect and DL files. .
  10. Alright; So I had a crack at creating a simple Application as requested by: daredevil, I tried to make the GUI match your website and use the old apps images/icons. So here is what I have got so far: So, if the program ever requires to be updated(due to a servers redirect being changed or a game sever being shutdown/removed/added) then the admins of FA can make the slight changes to this program then upload to this website using FTP and players will be told automatically by the app that updates are available, I added https SSL certificate checking in-case the admins add a certificate to this website in future, I'm currently using my account on the |H*S|clans FTP to test this and it works with a SLL cert, so it should work here... Needs to be tested with this sites Address and I can't do that as I dont have FTP access here nor should I. So now I just need to know what the redirect URLs are for each game server and I can add those to the app, so players can download any files from each server. I will also add a option to DEFRAG your ET install as well, it wont effect any of your files just delete temporary .pk3 files, tmp pk3 files are created when you EXIT ET when its downloading/connecting from the server, these files are more or less a cache file and when you reconnect to that server in future it tries to re-download from the cache version, I'm not sure why exactly but the cache never seems to store properly which will cause your download from server to double(sometimes even triple in time), if you were to remove the cache files and reconnect i guarantee it would be a LOT faster. I will add it only as a option not a mandatory process. I have added copyright pages to the app(stating i made this app for F|A clan) and a "How To Use" form. All images I have added from F|A forum or the old app have not been altered or had name changes so I haven't broken any rules, and I am not claiming it as my work, its all addressed to FA. Once finished i will release the complete source code to the admins of F|A and they can be in full control of keeping the app up-to-date in future, I can offer assistance if required, I will have descriptions in the code so you can understand how to alter it to suit your needs. I just need the people who own each F|A server with server access to tell me what the redirect URL is for each server, so i can make the app download the files from each server redirect, once i get that info, it can finalize the app and start doing some more testing. I am moving back to Australia from Japan in in 2 weeks, so I may be offline a little while during that time. P.S: I used one of my programs to extract the image and Icon from the old App, but I am not using the files for anything other than this for you not claiming them as mine, but there was a copyright file embedded in the app so I thought its best to actually explain what I did.
  11. Cheers for the info. When was the pk3 last updated? Are all the servers still the same in the pk3(do the links still work)? Just checking because if the buttons are out of date I can fix them for you, I used to make maps and mods and custom skins in ET, CheepHeep will surely vouch for me. What do you mean by the abbreviation: AC? What is the redirect address? I would like to know where i can manually see where the files are stored, like http://google.com/files and view the pk3s for server if possible? Some of the servers are using different redirects? If I can get some links to each servers redirects files I can design something for you. And as for an updater, you will probably need to fix the certificate issue on the site, as if i design it to check the websites "https" to download new version and you add a certificate later it will no longer be able to update as it would require SSL cert checking.
  12. Wowzers, So I tried the app out, clean as a whistle, just has the pk3 files packed inside of it. I think you guys could make this better: * Instead of packing all the .pk3s inside of the exe, make the app only download the .pk3s from your site, this would ensure people have the most up-to-date menu pk3 files and also would make the downloading of the program 10x faster, you could also design it so people can manually download maps from your redirect as well.. * This seems to extract more than 3 different menu.pk3 files for the same mod of et, why don't all of the menu pk3's be put into just one .pk3? Only ONE menu pk3 will work at a time anyway. * This doesn't place any menu.pk3 into etmain, the pk3 placed into etmain always overrides all others place in mod folders, the mods pk3 menu will not display until after a user has ran/loaded that game mod folder first, this is easy fix theirs a little trick you can do within the server that can make a file go into etmain instead of the current running mod. * If you could make the menu pk3 for all mods into just one .pk3 file then have that download into everyones etmain, you wont need everyone to re-download the same file from every server.
  13. Ooh sweet cheers mate, I should have dug deeper on the site aye, still getting to used to the FA forums. Sorry to bring up the old locked thread here: https://fearless-assassins.com/topic/10162-fa-menu-servers-clean-update/page-7 But, if this is what you guys are using to update you ET menu, why don't you add the updated menu to the servers so that it updates anyones ET that connects to your servers, even those whom don't visit your forums? Just make sure the newer version uses a different filename with special characters so it overrides the old one. I havent downloaded or tried this app yet, but I will soon, you guys should also implement a etkey generator inside the menu.pk3 so players can get a etkey in-game as well if they don't have one. With that App, you guys could also make it have an UPDATE feature, so that if a newer version or PK3 is available it downloads the newer version from the sites redirect? Its not hard to implement a downloader, if the app was created with C# I could happily help/give out my source code for updating using just your websites redirect.
  14. "Where has Alphaloki gone to? "

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      Ohhhhhh I see. Hmmmm. Burgo you can reply here instead of making new status updates :P

  15. ooh, you asked ather day where some guy went :)

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