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  1. COD server

    I've had a couple requests to put Bloc back on the hardcore server... Not sure what it would replace though, TDM Crossfire & TDM Bog bring people in, FFA overgrown is liked by most,DOM Pipeline played with quite a few people as well... Creek is a personal favorite of mine but not everyone digs it as much... Ambush is my recommendation for a swap to BLOCK TDM because we lose a lot on that map...
  2. COD server

    Love the current changes, HQ still kills the server sometimes, but its had about 6-12 people most of the time. Just played HC FFA and it was the shit!! Server got up to like 15 or 20 when FFA came on OVERGROWN. That was a good change. Creek is great (a lot of people have never played it before) and I think having ONE HQ and ONE Dom is a good mixup. I've noticed too many NON-TDM seems to keep people away... I'll try to keep updated on what people are doing with current map rotations.
  3. Last Stand Users

  4. COD server

    I Third this... Since we switched the rotation to a lot less TDM people aren't staying for a full map cycle anymore! I spend about 3 hrs a day on avg playing and since rotation got switched over half of it has HAD to be on Killbox (which is unacceptable) for the simple reason of people who want to play there see no one on! Duckie may have the right idea with idling in-game, but this isn't feasible for everyone. I think A LITTLE more admin/member control of map cycles would make HC thrive once again... Maybe have the leaders POLL people about what they want the next couple times we're on HC, OR sticky a thread here where you post CURRENT map cycle for both servers and have a BI-WEEKLY vote on map setup. I dunno, I'm just throwing it all out there ( I don't want to see F|A COD4 faction die out ) On the topic of recruiting I'm constantly inviting people to apply or to simple follow me to the hardcore server. This has made HC playable for about 6 hrs the last 4 days PS: I'm glad BOG is back in rotation
  5. Last Stand Users

    It always seems that there are no other players/admin on about 50% of the time I'm on, but now I can !warn all day!!! It's such a huge difference. I honestly think that it should be set up where trials can !warn but it takes two separate trial members' warnings to kick... And maybe have a little more functionality for members, maybe a couple more vote options or a slap or something similar as the !warn is just a text warning, it doesn't really seem that noticeable IMHO (until it kicks you )
  6. I enjoy the shit out of your servers, wanted to drop a line and let you guys know to keep up the good work! Amlex Server: Hardcore Mix and vent when I play (occasionally The Box) Age: 22 Plays: Daily as I am currently seeking employment Location: Indiana, United States