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  1. Maya13

    baby bat burritos

    Too cute! can i have one?
  2. Maya13

    What is your dream car?

  3. Maya13

    What mouse you use in ET or COD?

    i agree with you. my Husband still use his old MX518 even though he tried other ones
  4. Maya13

    What mouse you use in ET or COD?

    I have a G400s too and before that i had a Razer Deathadder
  5. Maya13

    Pouding Chomeur

    oops didn't notice that is an old post lol
  6. Maya13

    Pouding Chomeur

    un vrai dessert Québécois...
  7. Maya13

    What are you drinking right now?

    a glass of red wine Cheers!
  8. Maya13

    Pic of the Day 12.03.17

    Thx for all these pics
  9. Maya13

    Will it ever stop? F*** the SNOW!

    These are really nice pictures, I think that snow is not that bad I am in Quebec city, Canada and we have lots of snow and cold wheater here.
  10. Maya13

    words of wisdom that may bring a smile

    Dont hurt people; life is a circle... what goes around comes around
  11. Maya13

    Would you rather

    Hello everyone, This topic really goes in the spam section but it can be fun Rules: you must answer the last question asked and create a new '' would you rather question'' for the next person. First question: Would you rather : eat no more fast food ( burgers, fries...) for the rest of your life or drink no more beer for the rest of your life Have fun Sry if my english is not really good... but you can help in telling me if something is wrong
  12. Maya13

    Associated Words

    mishap => nightmare
  13. Maya13

    3 word story

    with a good...
  14. Maya13

    3 word story

    a big oven