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  1. LMAO Chicken youre killing me, from now on I will call you master Chicken!!! Yes, I really wish to be accepted in your clan guys:)
  2. Thank you in the name of us all
  3. Thank you/Grazie/Dziekuje/Merci/Dank je/Danke/Arigato/Xie Xie/Shnorhakalutyun/Efharisto everyone Im so shocked to receive such warm welcome, I already love this clan and people here!!!
  4. Haha its already a lot believe me! Not many people can even say a word in Armenian like you did, bravo! I hope to learn Persian/Farsi too, Nader jan!=) Zende bad Iran! P.S: By the way I bet you know that Persian-Armenian famous singer Andy Madadian I also love Leila Foroukhar
  5. Thank you! Hey! I hope the same=)
  6. Hey Cata, nice to see you here too:) Thank you!
  7. Thanks for the PM, yep I'm interested in joining
  8. Heya Stavros, thank you very much
  9. Thank you Mr. Karizmatic! Much appreciated:)
  10. Hi guys! My name is Lili, Im a 22 years old girl. I study law. I just recently restarted playing Enemy Territory all over again because I had a 6 years break. I remember playing on F|A and other servers back in 2011 it was before moving out to France, unfortunately I had to stop playing it because of school. I remember my brother who had a couple servers and we were in a few clans along with his and mine friends <sigh> good, old memories Now Im back and hope to be a member of your clan. Special thanks to Boro for introducing me to this awesome forum! See you guys soon

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