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  1. Currently watching the cannonball series. The third one is even available on youtube!
  2. Not a nascar, indy or f1 fan, but I loved watching WRC when I was a kid, and Eurosport (tv channel) was still a thing. They would also air something which I think is called "King of the Hill", which featured all kind of self-built motorcycles trying to climb a steep hill, and tumble down.
  3. Uhmmm, without pictures I call dibs on the top toilet. Jokes aside, I like liquor. Good luck!
  4. But... Ceremony! And don't forget the beer. This map has beer! Personally I'm not a (big) fan of this one. Then again, there are worse maps (like, maps without beer!).
  5. Like rambo said, 1080, not 1800. r_customwidth 1920 r_customheight 1080 r_mode -1
  6. Call me crazy, but isn't the attacking team supposed to have the faster respawn time?
  7. Another map with reversed spawntimes, Hotchkiss. As with daybreak, Axis attack yet they have the slower respawn time.
  8. Regarding Theutiona, or Teuthonia, Is there any way to have the second door (The cave door) open permanently? This map is hard enough as it is for allies, and having that door open permanently/after they fix tank, would make it a little bit easier for allies once they repair tank. As it stands now, I usually open the door as Axis, but this leads to me getting warnings for glitching/exploiting
  9. Respawn times on mlb daybreak are reversed. Axis attack, yet Allies have the faster respawn time (10 for Axis, 8 for Allies)
  10. ui_autoredirect - toggle allowing servers to auto-redirect you to another server when full Not sure if toggling this actually stops the server trying to redirect you, or if it will automatically redirect you without asking.
  11. If by any chance you're using windows 10, it has a built-in screen recorder. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4027180/windows-10-record-a-game-clip-with-xbox-game-bar
  12. If by "reflect friendly fire damage" you mean that any friendly fire you do to a teammate, does damage to yourself, there are 2 thoughts that jump to my mind. 1. I often (well, I play j1 now, so it doesnt really matter to me) shoot a teammate once or twice, so I can use the needle to get him back to full health. 2. For random rifles/panzers I agree, then again I never use these weapons

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