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  1. Broham

    ET Server Suggestion Jay1 map rotation suggestions

    Just tested this, setspawnpt doesn't work either.
  2. Broham

    We need new maps desperately

    I have to say I'm a big fan of ruins123, especially the final stage. Thanks for adding it. As far as suggestions go, i've had toxicity facility on my mind for the last few weeks now splatterladder youtube wolffiles
  3. Broham

    My guid is unknown?

    Edit: Nvm
  4. Broham

    Cant join to any server ET:Legacy

    Doing some googling I'm beginning to suspect the random update you mention is the famous "Windows Creator Update". Found lots of reports of people with issues regarding Intel HD(4000) and openGL (example). Have you tried to update/revert your video card drivers yet?
  5. Hmmm, does this progam comes with its own harddrive partition, which is set to boot first in bios? If so I would remove that partition (start--> run --> diskmgmt.msc) and change the boot sequence. Couldn't find a lot on the internets, but it appears this software was already outdated/missing information in 2009.
  6. Broham

    New Gaming Computer

    I would just look at the display ports it has, I remember having trouble connecting my monitor years ago when the card I bought only had dvi-i connections.
  7. Just a heads up: If anyone here has an older dual core AMD processor (Athlon X2, Opteron, Turion), I would recommend waiting a couple of days before installing the update. There are currently several complaints popping up of computers failing to boot after installing KB4056894 (Windows 7) or KB4056892 (Windows 10). Personally nothing, except making sure my browser & operating system are up to date.
  8. You should set cg_quickMessageAlt to 1. No idea how this value could have changed though.
  9. Broham

    Looking for a laptop

    Depending on how impatient your mother is, you can't really go wrong with an intel i3 /AMD A6 or upwards. Also make sure to get at least 8gb of ram, and I highly recommend an SSD as well if your budget allows it.
  10. Broham

    Et isnt starting anymore

    Just in case, the easiest way I can think of to see your computer specs: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4028644/windows-open-and-run-dxdiagexe
  11. Broham

    Pink Is Sex, Post Demo Please

    https://drive.google.com/open?id=1F6ElSRZyzbHxrnxNtj_iab6lwIK1sleS Incident happened around 19:00-18:00 minute mark.
  12. Broham

    Windows EHD Nightmare

    If you ever want to use your ehd with an apple device, I would recommend using exFAT. If not, NTFS it. (https://fossbytes.com/fat32-vs-ntfs-vs-exfat-difference-three-file-systems/)
  13. Broham

    ET on second monitor

    I usually play windowed so I never ran into this issue, but it appears ET defaults to your main display. You can change this in the "Screen Resolution" screen (Right click your desktop --> Screen Resolution). Once there, select your second display and mark the checkbox that says "Make this my main display". No mspaint explanation below. Too bad because I was proud of my hand-drawn arrows.
  14. Broham

    Wolf ET : Experienced Players - Enemy Territory

    This is why I have s_stop combined with my jump button. Easy to stop vsays/airstrike noise, etc. bind mouse2 "+moveup; s_stop"