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  1. If by any chance you're using windows 10, it has a built-in screen recorder. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4027180/windows-10-record-a-game-clip-with-xbox-game-bar
  2. If by "reflect friendly fire damage" you mean that any friendly fire you do to a teammate, does damage to yourself, there are 2 thoughts that jump to my mind. 1. I often (well, I play j1 now, so it doesnt really matter to me) shoot a teammate once or twice, so I can use the needle to get him back to full health. 2. For random rifles/panzers I agree, then again I never use these weapons
  3. I can't speak for Masa, but I've been having the same issue. I dont play much other games besides ET, but ET is the only program I have issues with. No clue how usefull the attached screenshot is. win7 64 bit
  4. Binge watched this one 3 days ago. Once I started I couldn't stop watching! Left me with less then 4 hours of sleep, but it was worth it. 10/10!
  5. Got a spare?! In the current weather (30°C+), my pc will overheat and just shut down without previous notice
  6. Spawntimes on Pirates are backwards, the defending team (axis) has a shorter respawn time then the attacking team (allies) also: Darji!
  7. (I hope the picture shows)
  8. RIP , she reminds me of my first cat, who would also look angry/upset/disappointed all the time.
  9. one of my favourites, but no idea if it will work on jay1. same map but on trackbase and wolffiles.de
  10. Quick shoutout, it seems the spawntimes on northpole are backwards, 8 for allies and 12 for axis, when axis is the team attacking. Can someone please look into this? Thanks! I was just reminded of this christmas map by a regular (kinda), British bulldog! No idea how this map will work on jay1, but it worked on some of the previous servers I played on. Link: https://et.trackbase.net/map/1276/ edit: Added the word christmas
  11. I can't help you with your question about which one is newer, I can just confirm jay1 is running the version with the invisible wall aswel, and it's supplydepot2 trackbase
  12. Great! The last couple of days/weeks several people joined the server and complained/asked for help about this issue. Now we can redirect them here! Thanks for the awesome work!

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