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  1. Broham

    ET Jay #1 Jay1 Venice piano

    Disabled? Really? (For the people not understanding this topic. As of today the piano has been disabled on Venice, why?!)
  2. I'm going with no. 99.9% of windows versions that come preinstalled with a computer are OEM licenses (Unless you bought it somewhere shady, then it might even be a volume license). OEM licenses are bound to the hardware of the computer it was installed on. Even changing a graphics card can cause windows to invalidate your license, and ask for a new one. If by any chance you bought a retail version of win10 ( these usually cost upwards of 150€), you can re-use it no problem. ps. I bought a 5€ win10 pro key on amazon 3 years ago, and never had any problems wi
  3. Good tutorial, and some helpful comments in this topic. Good luck!
  4. Can you try deleting* the majority of them (or moving* them to a different folder outside of your game) and see if this helps? *When doing this, be careful not to remove the original pk3's, like pak0, pak1, pak2, mp_bin... (Easiest would be to sort by date and don't touch the oldest ones). (F|A does have something called a pk3cleaner, but from what I have read it doesn't remove maps. Only .tmp and .pid files, and pk3 files if they contain ~~)
  5. Just out of curiosity, how many maps are in your etmain folder? ETPub used to have a similar bug when you had too many maps in etmain
  6. If this is possible, please do. I agree with some censorship existing, but as it is now it can be frustrating when it is not working 100%.
  7. Broham

    Announcer lag

    Not 100% sure about this. If you want to do it via console, make sure you have the right mod loaded, and use "seta cg_announcer 0", not just "cg_announcer 0". Something to do with cvars already appearing in your cfg, if I remember Cake correctly. Or you can just open it with notepad, ctrl+f for announcer, and change the 0 to a 1. Both are pretty easy, and if one doesn't work, you can always try the other
  8. Broham

    Announcer lag

    Just had a quick look at your cfg. seta cg_announcer "1" <-- Try changing this to 0 seta com_soundMegs "24" <-- Set this to the same value you use in +set, 256 according to your opening post. I'm a cfg noob, so it would be nice if someone else could check aswel. This can take a while, so feel free to bump this topic after a couple of days without response.
  9. Broham

    Announcer lag

    Easiest fix would be "cg_announcer 0". Unless you want to keep the voice on. Then I have no idea
  10. Broham

    ET Server Suggestion Jay1 map rotation suggestions

    About this format, pretend I would suggest a map, and wanted to remove goldrush. What is the chance of this happening? In an ideal situation, there would be a periodical review. Maps would be ranked according to the up/downvotes on the server. Put the worst maps up for replacement. Look at the maps that are suggested, and their past up/downvotes, playercount/waypoints/other issues. Have a public poll with the best suggestions. Replace maps. Repeat Edit: Typo
  11. Broham

    ET Fun #1 Ingame Screenshots

    When you have a problem but don't want to admit it
  12. What you describe about the game loading in a weird resolution happens to me when I run a second instance of the game when I forgot I already started it*. My guess would be that the process didnt properly quit, and was still running in the background. *Weed does you no harm, ask buckwild!
  13. Broham

    ET Server Suggestion Jay1 map rotation suggestions

    My point is nobody likes helmsdeep and it should be removed from the rotation as fast as possible! edit: I would have liked my own post but I can't
  14. Hello to everyone who is reading this! We all know this is the internet, and there are a lot of angry people on it who like to swear and insult whenever they get the chance. Pretty much every place has some sort of automatic censoring going on, filtering out most of the bad words. I have noticed this before on jay1, where I would want to say something innocent, yet the server wouldn't let my message go through. Earlier I was a spectator when allies were getting overrun, and I felt the sudden urge to say "and now for 23 minutes of agony", but nothing happened. For whatev
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