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  1. Quick shoutout, it seems the spawntimes on northpole are backwards, 8 for allies and 12 for axis, when axis is the team attacking. Can someone please look into this? Thanks! I was just reminded of this christmas map by a regular (kinda), British bulldog! No idea how this map will work on jay1, but it worked on some of the previous servers I played on. Link: https://et.trackbase.net/map/1276/ edit: Added the word christmas
  2. I can't help you with your question about which one is newer, I can just confirm jay1 is running the version with the invisible wall aswel, and it's supplydepot2 trackbase
  3. Great! The last couple of days/weeks several people joined the server and complained/asked for help about this issue. Now we can redirect them here! Thanks for the awesome work!
  4. Looks like the map is missing from the downloadserver, so autodownload doesn't work. For now, you can download the map from the link in smiley's post, and put it in etmain manually.
  5. Regarding this issue, I saw someone mention seeing a mapscript being loaded/executed at the start of the game.
  6. Sorry, I just couldn't resist http://www.intersteno.org/intersteno-internet-contests/training-with-taki-version/
  7. I have to say I'm a big fan of ruins123, especially the final stage. Thanks for adding it. As far as suggestions go, i've had toxicity facility on my mind for the last few weeks now splatterladder youtube wolffiles
  8. Doing some googling I'm beginning to suspect the random update you mention is the famous "Windows Creator Update". Found lots of reports of people with issues regarding Intel HD(4000) and openGL (example). Have you tried to update/revert your video card drivers yet?
  9. Hmmm, does this progam comes with its own harddrive partition, which is set to boot first in bios? If so I would remove that partition (start--> run --> diskmgmt.msc) and change the boot sequence. Couldn't find a lot on the internets, but it appears this software was already outdated/missing information in 2009.
  10. I would just look at the display ports it has, I remember having trouble connecting my monitor years ago when the card I bought only had dvi-i connections.
  11. Just a heads up: If anyone here has an older dual core AMD processor (Athlon X2, Opteron, Turion), I would recommend waiting a couple of days before installing the update. There are currently several complaints popping up of computers failing to boot after installing KB4056894 (Windows 7) or KB4056892 (Windows 10). Personally nothing, except making sure my browser & operating system are up to date.

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