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  1. Regarding WhatsApp, it was pretty much clear what direction they were taking since the moment they got swallowed by FB and sold their soul to the green eyed monster. I still remember the words of the Wa CEO " we will never sell your personal data..." and soon after i'm getting a notice explaining how and why in 30 days my WA number woukd be accessible and associated with my respective FB account. All this new technology is great to some extent, but imo it does more arm than good. The video is absolutely wonderfull and spot on. https://www.wired.com/2016/08/whatsapp-privacy-facebook/
  2. I'm a 49ers fan and we all know what happened this year. My pick goes to the Falcons or GBay, basically who wins NFC wins SB.
  3. Uhh isn't this possible just by setting the propper commands on the autoexec??? I play Etpro without grass and smokes and never got banned for it. for example r_drawfoliage 0 removes grass, which in maps like radar is really usefull.
  4. O.o loool Thanks #RedBaird the post was so high up i didn't notice the date, i will send him a PM. Cheers for the help m8.
  5. Hey Stanky, i'm not a full time musician but i do have some projects on which i use backing tracks. That being said i usually look for drum tracks or drum clips in order to create my backing tracks (i'm a guitarrist but i also play keys and bass). I would love to ear from you, we can talk live sound, studio, arrengements bla bla bla the list is endless. I do have a huge playlist on YT for covers that go from Joe Satriani to Lamb of God and everything in between. Please feel free to tell me more about your experience. Also if you have gear for sale or gear you are interested on buying let me know. Cheers Garten.
  6. Hi everyone, Gartenzwerg here leaving a big hello/grüzi from Laax/Switzerland to the whole community specially to the folks that keep ET alive. I've been playing ET since 2004 and after a couple of years of interruption i'm glad to be back. Bye for now and hope to see You around on the boards and at the servers.
  7. Dudeeee whattttt????? you were Captain of maybe the best riffler in the history of the game????NIceee
  8. I think the idea is not having just jaymod players but ET players in general, being that the teams would be formed from F ¦ A server regulars/members etc (i am a regular and don't play only jaymod i also play ETPro, NQ) F¦A doesn't do tournaments so would be a good time to start and like you said F¦A has a scrim server that could be used to set dates for the tournament matches (just like for example CyerGamer leagues). I'm all for this, it would give the participants (assuming most come from F¦A and play Jaymod) a chance to try ETpro in a "competition" envyronment and for the ones that are already used to some ETpro the chance to experience it with some friends from the JAymod servers. I think its a wonderfull idea LenovoNoteBook had and if you guys decide to move this idea forward i can help.
  9. I'm up for that So you were Captain of XyLoS, Black and Vegeta???? O.o

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