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  1. Happy Birthday DarknesS!

  2. Happy Birthday DarknesS!

  3. Happy Birthday Spaeti!

  4. Happy Birthday dro!ns!

  5. Happy Birthday Pariah!

  6. Happy Birthday a pole!

  7. Happy Birthday DrBunker!

  8. Happy Birthday DarknesS!

  9. here is what i got... it says in dutch: ET doesnt work any more Were trying to find a solution for it. Thats what i got after ive updated with PB its not cool i wanna play... please let some1 help me here it is... sorry
  10. hello, i upgraded my WO ET with punkbuster, but now it says, that i cant open WO ET anymore. can some1 tell me please what i can do, so i can play again??? miss the game :S
  11. DarknesS

    log in on laptop

    i dont know where i can do this... can you tell it to me where i can set this??
  12. DarknesS

    log in on laptop

    can someone help me with this problem??
  13. DarknesS

    log in on laptop

    now i see: game mode failed pure on server check.. what do i have to do now so i can play??

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