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  1. I will not write to this forum anymore, and I will never talk to anyone on the servers again, I will play as I have always done, but only because there are only these active servers, but I do not want to be part of this community that has only despised me. Better alone than badly accompanied this is a real goodbye.
  2. I do not respect those who do not respect me. I donated 15 usd and is not updated manually my profile, if I had donated 1000 USD would have updated immediately ?, and then criticizes my mistakes. I have donated I want to respect even for only 15 USD, I waited too long to see my money on the forum with my name cast the first pity the one who is without sin
  3. my 10 USD, missing from my profile no one answered, at my request, maybe it was better that I ate a pizza with beer
  4. by now I have tested the system in 2017, and in 2018 too many lollies here
  5. Friend C!T0, I did not fully understand everything you wrote, but I know this, you have a really professional language unlike many others here in the family, and I appreciate it a lot. but I remind you the sentence that has just quoted emaL the ass licks in my vocabalario are banned, like the cheats in the FA servers.
  6. surely, my way of seeing things is different from yours, of this we are now all certain, but what I was taken today, is an insult to my person, and this I do not accept, use the method to send me away , without being able to defend me on the private forum, this is another insult, Daredevill you should learn education. even if I am not the same as your followers, I did not deserve this, but at least now I have proof that I did not have to waste my time again in this administrative system, which makes water from all directions, I must remind you that you are not perfect. also I was forced to write publicly, because I do not want to respond to all those who ask me, "Why did you get out of FA?" Forum users will understand if they will read this
  7. I write this text, to inform everyone of my point of view on the administrators of the FA and on this system, surely I will be kicked by this Forum later, but I am an Italian and a real man, I always say things in the face, and I never act Behind the others, I was just expelled by the FA family, with such a stupid reason, that I would make 10 online gaming communities laugh for centuries. Instead of being appreciated for the work and time spent on the FA family, I've been criticized for not providing accurate demonstrations of some recordings of suspicious players simply because I had better things to do with my wife. I'm not a licker, and I never learned in my life to shut up when I'm right, "I add that I'm absolutely right, I just responded to a criticism I did not deserve, and you yourself, Big Boss, asked me to record you have thanked, in the demo there is evidence, so this is already a proof of the ugly figure you are doing, to defend a doing nothing that can only criticize my work, perhaps only for jealousy. That said, I'm not here to lick anyone's ass, unlike the others under your domain, I would like you to find another 1000 willing to do the dirty work for free, but remember that 1 in 1000 you'll find it Furbo, and smart as me , and add, with platinum balls. I had already warned the second time you looked for me privately to return to the FA. I do not need power levels and the FA tag, to have fun, and I've stressed it several times. if you think, acting in this way of making me a spite, dear Daredevill, you're wrong, I'm laughing at this, and all this vicious circle, makes me feel a great pain. That said, I know for sure that this topic will be eliminated, because it will make you ashamed, but I have it in multiple copies, so you can not delete it from the web. besides the lucky ones who will read it before you cancel it, at least they will know that platinum balls to Mr. Lenovo. Conclude, adding that the cheaters will always exist, will change the lan cards, their ISP or PC etc ... and with your methodology of analysis, will continue to remain on the servers as on all other servers in the world of age, forbidden to some will be the others the best are never appreciated but envied and fired Goodbye FA
  8. I did not list all obvious, but I was responding to the discourse of those who crumbled the concept
  9. Cquattro


    lol the shaft of Quake 3 Lhigtingun
  10. Tuttavia, vedo dalle tue risposte, un cg_envy 1. sicuramente in lan non si possono usare trucchi, perché ci sono grandi somme di denaro da vincere, saranno sicuramente controllate con attenzione. così la metà delle cose che hai scritto sono solo cg_envy 1. Sono felice, tuttavia, che la creazione di questo argomento, ho fluttuato, la modalità rosik sui giocatori. P.S. They are the best and have shown in the tournaments in the lan, and not on the internet, with lag and incompatible connections, and in public servers. Besides this is ETPRO, do you know the meaning of the word? raise your hand who you think is better than these, so I can laugh.
  11. It is easy to do the research, however these players are those who have participated in all the most important tournaments of ET, according to my opinion are certainly the best. Track base is a stupid ranking based on public servers. These are instead of professionals.
  12. definitely a ranking, more real than that of trackbase these are the best, do not hit the money won
  13. Top Player Rankings For Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

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