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  1. Times seem a little too close for me, I like to make defense at least spawn 50% slower than attack, so that if attack succesfully wipe out defense at the right moment, they can manage a push, accomplish an obj, etc. Offtopic, as piece of advice, always go side whenever you can, and bring teammates to support, Medic/Engi/Covie combo is great, or if you have got Medic skill maxed out in NQ, omit medic, and learn the reset technique (much like TK and revive trick, but I named it like that because of Rainbow Six Siege respective trick likeness). I may share anytime soon some techniques, strategies and tricks that may help you in winning more maps.
  2. Don't forget about NQ2, that server is almost always empty, and you can stack teams freely against bots xD
  3. That is the point, that allies have an easier time attacking, since NQ servers don't have as much people as Jay1, it should work well, also I don't know what are the times on Jay1, but I suggest for Jay 10 and 20.
  4. I agree with adjusting spawntimes, not increasing them necessarily, something like Attack: 8 sec, Defense: 15 sec or Attack: 5 sec, Defense: 10 sec. Can't suggest 20 and 30 sec respectively, because NQ is a fun mod, but with the times I mentioned, attack should have an easier time doing obj, and if there is a way to adjust depending on the number of players, that would be an excellent option. For example: 1-4 players in each team (Attack: 5 sec, Defense: 10 sec) 5-8 players in each team (Attack: 8 sec, Defense: 15 sec) 8-12 players in each team (Attack: 10 sec, Defense: 20 sec) 12+ players in each team (Attack: 15 sec, Defense: 30 sec) If this can't be done, the way to go for me is 8 and 15 sec respectively.
  5. Level up Field Ops, to get the ability to spot disguised Covert Ops (Skill carries over to other classes in Jaymod) Also use Engineer, his skills dont carry over to the other classes, but you can use the riflenade, like sort of pseudo-panzer when panzer is not available, just need some practice, but results are awesome, and most importantly, don't forget to play obj
  6. Just got my rank today Gold Nova 3, halfway to Global Elite
  7. Competitive - Dust2 Mirage and Inferno are also great
  8. Same issue, also happens with RTCW, have to use Task Manager, close ET.exe or WolfMP.exe and then start program again. Win7 Ultimate 64 bits and Win7 Professional 32 bits tested.
  9. Yep, that is what I mean, like ETPRO 1v1 tournament, but dunno if others are fine, bc I have seen chess tournament here run by round robin.
  10. Ty, but I meant about the Site Announcement stuff hehe. Anyways, thx for that information.
  11. I would like the tournament to be like the ETPRO 1v1 cup. Round Robin first in 4 or so groups, and the 2 best of each group pass to a double elimination stage. You know the settings that has winner and loser brackets. As for the takebacks, I say yes, we are mature enough to play fair I think xD Also, whenever you post the signups, make it Site Announcement, @daredevil could you help us here And atm, I will be searching for ppl in servers, dunno if we can make some announcements in server appear. ???
  12. Just try to play Engi, it is really fun doing obj
  13. https://steamcommunity.com/id/Mordecai2300
  14. Yeah nvm, just wanna play Chess
  15. I would definitely be up for Chess, there isn't a bunch of people at school whom I can play with. xD I know a page called Chess.com or something like that, where I used to play online some games.

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