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  1. I know there is a Facebook page, but I don´t think there is a Messenger Group
  2. What would you think of making a Facebook Messenger group, kinda like Discord one. I prefer Messenger because my iPhone 4 doesn´t run Discord, so I have to wait till home to read messages xD. This way some players that don´t use Discord will be able to get in touch with other ones, it may be easier for me to keep informed of all sort of things hehe. I don´t know if there is such group, correct me if I´m wrong plz.
  3. Whenever I play I search people for my fireteam, I don't do the objective as it is meant to be done, so I organize with 1-3 other guys and do objective with my strategies Por example, in MLB Temple, as allies I just go to the caves, jump to build scaffolding and then tell one of my teammates to throw me a nade to get to the destructible wall next to objective, then I get him up, we destroy all objectives inside temple and plant mines near objective and in the wall I destroyed earlier, then we need to wait for tank to destroy doors, and as soon as that is done, I pick up objective and exit like a maniac by the caves, and finally deliver objective with the enemy doesn't even knowing what happened. I do this kind of stuff most of the time with Sgt. Mofo, C!TO, JT and Germankilla. And while we are waiting to destroy something, tank advancing, time lets us progress (antirush) We hide playing dead and have a nice conversation, remember I'm sneaky, and I like to rush hehe
  4. The scrimmer guys play regularly on weekends at 3v3 ETPRO matches. We are searching for more ppl interested to play, we are almost always the same teams xD It would be great to have an ETPro server that is actually played.
  5. Oh, and if we put the Axis CP in the room near Truck Barrier #2 that can be entered early in the game via TJ, that can normally only be accessed when Allies get Keycard so garage doors get opened? And make Neutral CP, for Allies only, like I suggested?
  6. Just that Axis can have an edge on Allies because of the getting away with the truck, I mainly suggest a spawn point
  7. May make original CP only for allies as their 2nd forward spawn, and make another CP for axis in truck room and maybe add a forward spawn there?
  8. I'm just getting past 36 hours, at 10:30 P.M. (now its 9:10 P.M.) I just stayed playing day and night on Jay1 and HC, as many of you may havr noticed. May get some sleep soon, even though I don't feel tired after a shower. xD
  9. I personally prefer Attacking, I like finishing map as fast as I can (or as server allows me xD)
  10. Seen some remove maps suggestion from Smiley, I would like to suggest to add: treetop_final I remember playing that map in the old days, never got to play with people, just b o t s
  11. Sounds great, I didnt join group for nothing xD
  12. I play them all after COD4, in this order of preference: MW2 (PS3) MW3 (PS3) WWII (XOne) BO1 (PS3) BO2 (PS3) Ghosts (XOne) BO3 (XOne) COD4 (PS3) AW (X360) WAW (X360) IW (I don´t play this one hehe)
  13. I played in Jay3 that map the other day, and that area was blocked off, but I saw it was made manually externally, the map isn't normally blocked off, I wonder it was made with something similar to antirush, but I'm not 100% sure. Admins, correct me if I'm wrong plz xD
  14. I actually think Battery Recharged should be added instead, I dunno if that one is the version with extra features, but I like that one. Treetop plz :"v
  15. They are gonna ruin it, with the DLC weapon, microtransaction and all of that stuff. I much prefer playing MW2 in my PS3, and I continue doing it nowadays. Hope hackers never touched this game

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