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  1. Whoever wants to play R6S add me on Xbox Live: Mordecai2300 I'm almost always playing Ranked, or sometimes grinding renown on Terrorist Hunt, if you wanna have fun just tell me xD. (I hardly ever play Casual too ) If you don't own it still, what are you waiting for? Hehe Pretty good game, it has become my second favorite game in just one year of playing it, now trying to get into the pro circuit.
  2. CET for us? It would be Monday at 2 A.M. for me Or did you mean CST? Rn here is 12:30 P.M.
  3. Mordecai2300 as usual. I dont play a lot this game, but when Im bored and no other option left to have fun I just take out my phone xD
  4. I have used it recently and seen a slight performance increase in my ET, playing at highest setting I can now maintain 60 stable fps most of the time. I highly recommend it, but beware that other programs that you are using will be suspended, like me, I was using uTorrent to download some stuff, and when I minimized ET, I found out that my downloads were stopped and restarting, there may be a setting to prevent that, but haven't researched so deep. In conclusion, a good program if you wanna get a better ET experience
  5. Normal NQ should be changed out for the "Funquarter" mod, its like NQ, but heavily modified, lots of new weapons, chainsaw, medpacks for covies, ammopacks for soldiers, and lots of crazy stuff I used to play 7 seven years ago in RDA. Maybe it was just NQ, with a lot of addons bc I cant find the "Funquarter Mod" Good times.
  6. Add a Command Post near the caves exit area to axis last spawn past the switch door, just next to it and enable it as a spawn point for both teams, or maybe use a flag instead? May give a more interesting option for both teams, allies would have another option to attack and if axis get to it they may retain caves easier. Also covies should be used a lot more now P.S: Great job bro, keep up the good work! I actually like all the new maps you have released.
  7. What is your in-game name? Mordecai  What is your discord user ID? Mordecai2300#0558 Have you read the rules? Yes
  8. Thx bro, gonna try it whenever I have some spare time.
  9. Thx for ur help bro, gonna try them later
  10. I have already subscribed, saw the other day ur videos about Memorial Gaming Day on NQ3. Also if u would like, subscribe to my channel as well. I may upload ET as soon as I discover how to record without massive fps drop, because when I use bandicam ET drops to 20- FPS, never found a solution, hope u can help me as well. Thx for ur support! Mordecai2300's Channel
  11. Hehe, thx for ur help man, will send my cfg as soon as I come back home (Monday), I left my PC :(. And hey, I don't even work xD, I'm still a high school student :"( But I may donate in the near future, if time and circumstances allow.
  12. If a mechanic like this exists or can be done, that issue should be gone, like a 10 sec cooldown before u can change teams, so that bots autobalance. Using the other servers slot mechanic.
  13. I think Jay1 slot system is better than the others, keeps teams kinda even (w/o counting bots/human) so, we should just probably give a helping hand and support those who doesn't know very well this mechanic. (And always keep teams even) Even though, this server is most of the time full of players, that issue shouldn't be a problem. Just have witnessed a couple of times with 3 people on each team. Plus, the others servers system can be tricked out fairly easily. There should be like a join time cooldown, that would prevent u from doing this and stack teams, don't know if this can be done.
  14. Well, I think you misunderstood my point, I like to rush maps sticking to the rules, in Jay1 it is so hard to rush most of the maps, because of the amount of players, that's why some maps are easier to rush than others. (And as u said some have antirush) I wouldn't consider myself as a rusher, I would call me an objective oriented player, my intention isn't to annoy others, just to win, that's how I enjoy game, whenever u don't see me doing the objective, I may just be chilling out with other guys. I only try to end map as fast as possible, when it can be done, when I'm on defense, I just try to cripple other team attack by destroying CP, capturing flag, etc. I'm a cool guy, and why would I want to annoy others, I just have a competitive spirit, and a good sport.

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