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  1. PS 4 Ps4

  2. Official FA Discord

    Cool, finally. we had though one made by achilleus. Awesome to have this working BTW JuZu#0889
  3. Update Rolan001 operation and sickness

    Hey bro, Its awesome that your surgery succeeded. Hope that your recovery goes as well. See ya online in servers Glad to have you back. missed ya
  4. Hello Pal's

    Hey, and welcome
  5. Other Lets Congratz our new Leaders

    Congratz to both, well done work appreciated
  6. Hey all, how old r u?

  7. Revising Evolve

    Id say that we should consider to use Discord as Xernicus mentioned, that way we could even think of lowering expences TS is bringing to community. I have been playing with discord now for sometime, and i think we should give some gredit as trying it out to Achilleus whos been setting things up there. There we could have voice and chats unified in 1 app, and with correct settings there, importing users to channel is matter of seconds. There we wouldnt need any passwords to voice chats, we would get working app for many different platforms, and we could have more mobile way to communicate on the go between different groups. These are just my 2 cents. Regards JuZu
  8. Other Congratulations to our new Co-Leader

    Congratz sisje
  9. Heyo!

    Greetings from tampere
  10. Happy birthday Von Rantala!

    Happy birth day m8
  11. Happy Birthday to daredevil

    Happy bday boss
  12. Anyone on Discord?

    MORE people should use it and i think we as community should consider moving to discord. We could replace TS and have easier way to communicate as a community
  13. Iphone Login problems

    Kk, ill try to look on it when get home. maybe its just some sort of bug. which type of login u use?
  14. Iphone Login problems

    I tested this on weekend with my Iphone 4S, and i got login correctly. I got thought if it was related for country your in. Cuz in Finland with my old shitty 4s it works properly Does it sign in with any page of forum? Btw, for management a question is our website IPS mobile app compatible. Cuz that could solve problem with iphones? https://invisionpower.com/news/7617-ips-ios-app-now-available/ theres link for that app. should we try