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  1. OFF to Norway for a week, so see u later gyuz :)

  2. I have ACER ALL I know It works fine... Hope this helped u :))))))))
  3. I would like to add some proposal, but I dont know names of maps... SO I would like to support new maps. I agree that Goldrush should go, Frosbite and Bremen. Railgun is laggy, so has my vote for leaving too... I still miss map with Underground (metro) I dont remember the name Johnny
  4. New install of ET on my wifes CP, my profile works... great... so see u soon online...

    1. RendeL
    2. HutiKuti
    3. kajto3


      That's great, hope your wife doesn't mind you playing 24/7 with us

  5. It seems that graphics on my NTB died, so I'll be offline for a while... I hope to see u soon online, I have to reinstall ET on another one, and try copy my silent.dat.... .So see u soon...

    1. RendeL


      Oh damn :( Just remember to get also etkey.

    2. JOHNNY008


      I think I sent ET key and silent to my email few months ago, so hopefully I have both...

  6. Hey Emperor and welcome finaly you joined!!!!!
  7. Tsjechieeee!!!!! Uhooooooooooooooooo second is home Btw. What about do an Olympic Gameday? :all rock:
  8. IMO I think if we are looking for new players, we finaly decide about reducing bots. Raziel Evenings are mainly full on the server, and during the day serves is almost free. I think there is more potential during the day to find new players. But play alone agains so many bots doesnt make so much sence. Bots are blocking you quite often, and it is not so much fun.... 2. Admins - agree, that regulars has been asked many times in last year, so we have new potentials as Kermit, and new Trials as WanHeda, Scooby, Huti whoom we should promote:) Johnny
  9. 2 comments :) 1. Back home, see u onlineee :) 2. we have voted for new,president, current one unfortunately won... Guyzzz, check czech president if you want to smile for few hours...

    1. RendeL


      wb! As for the president, Finnish ppl also voted wrong :D

    2. ElEl


      GG lad mate i am wrecked

  10. Left to Warsaw and Stockholm.... se u next week :)

    1. kajto3


      enjoy your stay in PL ;)

    2. RendeL


      Where is my ticket?!?! :D

    3. JOHNNY008


      Sry, my wife denied to take some friends with us :)


  11. I would like to join so much, but I am going to Stockholm for a weekend, so guyz enjoyyy!!!!!!!! Se u next time!!!!!
  12. I'm BACK!!!!!! survived honeymoon :DDDD and now see u on BEG 2. :)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. RendeL


      Welcome back :)

    3. (FORCE)


      Welcome back man! :>

    4. JOHNNY008


      Thank you guyz :)


  13. Off to honeymoon for 3 weeks, so see u gyuz in new year.... have fun, merry christmas and happy new yeaarrr..... CYA

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Sisje


      Have a good time! Happy holidays to you too!

    3. RendeL


      Have fun mate!

    4. Wanheda

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