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  1. It was a pleasure meeting you there on Nq1... goodjob admins, great gameday!!
  2. I remember this situation from yesterday... Harry, you are right, this was unfair, when I noticed that, I asked for teams 2 times, The disbalance from my perspective ended, when someone join axis and then Zuen changed...To be honest it is not always the best solution putteam command. We have to teach peple balance teams, if they dont do it automatically... The Putteam command is from my perspective last solution. Sometimes it takes time, but this case was solved in 1-2 min.... I really support your interest in the game, that you inform others about disbalance, and ask for a fair game. It is re
  3. hey, sry guyz. I can’t remember any other maps right now. So I would support cathedral and reactor. J.
  4. I think I use standard ET 2.60.... ok, Ill try Pk3 cleaner... Thanks REN
  5. Hi all, yestarday, and today again I had a problem with connection to beg 2. During connecting to the server for the first time it take almost minute and then it turns to notification, that there is a connection problem... Second atemp runs always smoothly.... Can somebody check this? Thanks.. Johnny
  6. Hoohooooooo, New internet connection.... Back online... See u in da game :)

  7. Hi DD, I was not waiting for the topic, but my connection is no so stable, so the day before i was not sure, if the lag is on my side, or on server... Next day, we were talking about with KERMIT laggs and he told me, that he had already mady this topic about lagging server... SO thats why I officialy wanted to say thanks...
  8. I can confirm the issue with lagging on Beg 2 since yestarday... Thanks mate for this topic...
  9. I would like to confirm, that new maps on Beg. 2 are really appreciated...I saw many possitive feedbacks....
  10. Merry christmas and may the force be with you whole next year!

  11. Guyz, I just want to share my happinnes with you FAmily :) I am father, and my daugher EMA was born yestarday :) sooo, maybe I'll be a bit less online, but u know real life first! :) See  ya mates :) 

  12. OFF to Norway for a week, so see u later gyuz :)

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