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  1. Already got mine it shows ver 1803 its big and take awhile with several restarts during installation
  2. apparently only blue is familier with some of the southern slang terms. Leg in some areas is said laig. So therefore lag can also be butchered to sound like laig(leg). You know youve failed at jokes when you have to explain them. sorry
  3. Guitar, banjo, bass, kazoo, bidgeridoo, sing. None of which im any good at and havent done any for a long time.
  4. Kooki

    Auto Correct

    TEXT TO NEIGHBOR: Hi, Fred, this is Richard, next door. I’ve got a confession to make. I’ve been riddled with guilt for a few months and have been trying to get up the courage to tell you face-to-face. At least I’m telling you in this text and I can’t live with myself a minute longer without you knowing about this. The truth is that when you’re not around I’ve been sharing your wife, day and night. In fact, probably much more than you. I haven’t been getting it at home recently and I know that that’s no excuse. The temptation was just too great. I can’t live with the guilt and hope you’ll accept my sincere apology and forgive me. Please suggest a fee for usage and I’ll pay you. Regards, Richard NEIGHBOR’S RESPONSE: Fred, feeling so angered and betrayed, grabbed his gun and shot Richard, killing him. He went back home and poured himself a stiff drink and sat down on the sofa. Fred then looked at his phone and discovered a second text message from Richard. SECOND TEXT MESSAGE: Hi, Fred. Richard here again. Sorry about the typo on my last text. I expect you figured it out and noticed that the damned Auto-Correct had changed “wi-fi” to “wife.” Technology, huh? It’ll be the death of us all. Regards, Richard
  5. I have my own weather station if ya wanna see whats going on at my house weather wise go to..https://rainwise.net/weather/warren30701
  6. Kooki

    Travel History

    Canada Guam Philippeans Hawaii Okinawa California wants to secede from the United states. They are nuts but been there but, i dont think it can qualify as a country yet. Weve decided to extend the southern border wall east of california up to oregon.
  7. How to recognize your lag. You look down and see five toes and a heel and it looks hooked to your ankle. That part which is connected from there to your neather areas is your lag. Yep thats my lag. Whats the problem???
  8. Kooki


    This is me at my house..
  9. We have discussed this before. I actually think that 10 would be better. However, i would like to see one of the 10 for officer only and one of the 9 for the radio man. If this could be done then i might could go with 12, thinking that perhaps we might not have an officer and radio man each time that would still give 8 or 10 players on the server. I also believe that if there is a live officer there shouldnt be a bot officer if that could be done. When you dont have a full server the bot officer wastes your few officer call-ins before you can use them. I usually just kill him off the bat and be done with it. I also believe that 16 is way to many because as someone else mentioned.. no kills are gotten and its a running game to the finish of the game. I think an increase in the bot count would be great to make it harder. Also we have discussed that we could decrease the reaction time of the bots so live players have more time to react to seeing an enemy. No one can react in just 1 or 2 millisecond to an enemy and accurately kill him, so why should the bots.
  10. Well im not gonna take this test, i type just fast enough for me. I learned with a hammer and chisel and i could do 65 wpm. Thats a royal manual typewriter. Im sure i increased at some point in my life but now its just fast enough..:)
  11. Kooki


    I recognize alot of you on these blogs and its good to see you putting in your 2 cents. So I'll put in mine. Im the granddad, grandfather, papasmurf or any other thing you wanna call me. Life is short so always look for the brighter things and the happier things in life. Your life will be just miserable if you dont. Look for the greatness in the sunshine, rain , blue sky, green grass. flowers and all things that God has given us. You are totally responsible for your life and your feelings during this life so make the most of it. This and other online games makes a wonderful break in daily life with many friends and occasionally lovers. Heck i met my wife on the internet. However, there is no substitute for living real life with real ppl. So dont worry , be happy. With summer here there is more and more things we can do with other real ppl instead of texting them on our phones or sitting here playing games all day. Get out and be with ppl, have sex, have kids, love ppl and life, its really pretty good. Don't let life pass you by as you sit shooting germans. Sure as an esteemed leader of our clan you may have some responsibilities but the world wont end if you live life. Every clan, legion or what ever you wanna call it usually results in poor management because it is just a game. Hey if it was better, great but if its not, no biggy, itll get along. Dont feel guilty. Neuro this isnt pointed at anyone this was just a good place to put it, to me. (Warren) Kooki
  12. I played this server last night and really like the additions. It has many different weapons to choose from the WW11 era to some really mod things. I think there will be no one who cant find a weapon they like. I believe there needs to be many more bots to shoot because it seems kinda slow at the moment. I think that with more bots the game, they will more than keep the game moving with the introduction of the modern weapons. Im an advocate of less ppl in the server but what ever you think. Perhaps with many more bots more ppl can find targets without falling over each other to get shots. I dont know the plan but perhaps this could replace one of the insurg. servers that doesnt do much any longer or perhaps a custom stand alone. So i say + from me.

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