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  1. other Wolfenstein: The New Order Dev's Next Game

    Th Thanks I'll give it a try !
  2. Show your book collection

    Why not, that's some serious board game collection you've got here. Pretty impressive !
  3. other Wolfenstein: The New Order Dev's Next Game

    I haven't played the New Order and Old Blood. Should I give them a try ? Are they solo-player only ?
  4. website PM notification in browser tab

    Hopefully that feature will soon be available in the cheaper versions.
  5. salute to Captain Apollo

    The series started back in 78 and I remember watching it when I was a kid. It was pretty close to Star Trek.
  6. Happy Birthday to schNee

    Happy birthday
  7. What is your favourite ET map ?

    You have a pretty good memory
  8. TV maker unlawfully tracked viewing habits

    TBH I don't even watch TV. I haven't even bothered connecting the TV to the TV cable. I mostly use it to watch my own collection of movies and play retro games via the media box.
  9. TV maker unlawfully tracked viewing habits

    Welcome to 1984. That's why I'll never buy a so-called smart TV. I got a small media box connected to the TV's HDMI port. No spying TV, thanks.
  10. DD Here

    Welcome to the forum Brandon, you are welcome PS: When do we get a Masters of the Universe mod ? I got most of them when I was a kid.
  11. website PM notification in browser tab

    It does not make the tab flash if I have another tab open but then again it is better than opening the tab and clicking refresh. So thank you Rantala for pointing it out. I've enabled this option. If the option doesn't exist in the IPB forums' settings as Platonic said, then let's hope IPB will add it to one of their updates one day. Maybe I'll send them an email. This way they *may* add this option to one of their next updates
  12. Well done guys ! By the way, is this Unknown the #1 one on trackbase ? http://et.trackbase.net/ranking/
  13. Website updated to use HTTPS only

    I've got the same message every time I search something.
  14. Look at what you've done CheepHeep. Because of you, members are now posting their pets' pictures in the members' gallery Either this or Smokey the dog is the owner and Evil Butters his pet
  15. website PM notification in browser tab

    Yes precisely. Your active tab is on another website, but if you receive a PM, you will see your FA-website tab (gently) flash. This way, you don't need to open the FA-website tab and refresh to check if you've received a PM. Many social websites do it already.