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  1. So there is this situation: We're playing baserace, each team has 3 crates taken, no base crates stolen 22 minutes in game. Allies are playng 6 vs 8 and WINNING - Axis try to steal their crate hard, but it didn't work for 25 minutes, then allies steal Axis gold and lead. 5 minutes left until the match ends. Axis and Allies are clearly balanced, because Allies have 6 good tier players and Axis have 8 casuals (including me). Then Ford starts yelling that we need to balance the teams and VITOSA SUPPORTS HIM. Please don't give me crap that you're using /scores to balance teams, because you're clearly not. You don't look how much the obj is being done, you don't look how defending team's defense is impenetrable, you only look if the numbers are even. HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT WINNING TEAM NEEDS HELP? It's fricking BASERACE and they're going to win in 5 minutes, somehow 5 allies manage to repel 8 Axis (FOR 25 MINUTES) and 1 Allied player even took their gold to win, tell me HOW do Allies in that situation need help to "balance"? Tell me Vitosa and Ford (cz), I am very curious what "balance" means for you, perhaps it's one team completly stomping the other and not giving any chances to have real fun from the game. Fun as long as you're in the winning team, huh? Because - what a coincidence - you were both Allies.
  2. I- I just don't like mp40/thompson
  3. Bazooka missles seem to be a bit slower than pf's, I have a better "feel" of the weapon and better predicts thanks to that. Also, more ammo.
  4. Airpass (the map with two chemical trucks that have to be destroyed by allies) - if the main gate is blown up within first 2-3 minutes of the game, there's a huge chance Allies won't claim the second spawn, greatly crippling their offensive capabilities.
  5. Hello Forsaken! Welcome to forums
  6. Hello BLAAT! Love your gameplay
  7. Hello there. I've recently bought a copy of Lord of the Rings: War in the North - a coop game set in the Middleearth. It's designed for three players, so I'm looking for two more to play - and I'm mainly interested in 1st May (this Monday) and 3rd May (this Wednesday), any time. Is anyone willing to play? In case noone responds I'm gonna postpone this.
  8. Gold Nova 3, I'm doing my best to rank up. Already queueing with GN4s so I hope I'm about to rank up It's sad that the biggest issue is trolling and leavers...
  9. Hello everyone. Short question - does anyone have a link/screenshot/etc. which provides a list of NoQuarter and/or JayMod (gas grenades, molotovs, etc) weapons with their stats included? The only links I find are outdated and no longer work
  10. Ha, I'll be right behind you with a knife in hand :> Thank you everyone for such a warm greeting!
  11. On Teuthonia (that map with identical obj as goldrush) Axis can plant dynamite on the truck before it's loaded with gold. Doing so disables the truck from EVER being repaired, thus preventing allied victory whatsoever.
  12. Hello everyone! I'm ZNIWIARZ from Noquarter ET server. Have a nice day!

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