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  1. Scooby755


    Hi and welcome!!
  2. Scooby755


    When can i expect my beer ? looks good
  3. Welcome aboard nub :D

  4. I can vouch for MIrror's config , been using it for a while now , only changed the sensitifity and showweapon and ofc the resolution.
  5. Thnx for sharing your config MIrror, i do not really understand the hate in the first posts. Hope to see you at beg 2 .. slacker !
  6. I will contest you both with Ouzo ! only the smell will make you puke if you are drinking rum or whiskey. I also had a bad indonesian rise wine some years back , it was home brewed and tasted like *** , the bottle back then cost 0.79 euro's(1 liter ) and tasted like around 40%-50% alcohol. Not gonne describe the hotel room after that night but it was not good.
  7. A whole bottle of Ouzo comes to mind , mixed with coffee beans and then set on fire , it will give you a headache for at least 2 or 3 days and everything you eat you will puke out the first day.

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