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  1. Hmm, To mi nevychádza

  2. L1kE


  3. L1kE


    Heh lol I am writing everywhere else age to behave so childishly and advertising still do not know what I should do not understand how I said I play this game short and my English is not well studied it only in school and If we do not believe I will send you a picture I dont publish my years usualy :/
  4. I like wooman I love wooman.

  5. nopainnogain..

  6. motherf***ing game :P

  7. L1kE


    so my computer is the age of about seven, eight years, it was just an example 25 and I wanted to help because they are difficult to play with Lags // and no I'm not From Canada but from Slovakia and I have 19 years not 15 where uholds u of 15 years? Destiny ?? I play this game one years i dont understant thus game And me nootebook is good but i dont know play on nootebook :/
  8. L1kE


    Hah old is 25 yera and bad very bad
  9. L1kE


    hello all have a very old machine, and the nooteboku do not know to play well so I needed help I have a big lag on fa1 it can be fixed ?? /Very large lag ../ pls heeelp :// thanks
  10. Ok thx but what is r_picimp??
  11. I give r_picmip and stop me game (((
  12. Eazy drops is r_picimp? I have hard drops

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