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  1. Ah ok, I been to bed since then so can't remember either
  2. If trusted regulars = level 10 like me? then yes I have had these commands before.........
  3. Yes !teams2 command has now been denied, and !teams1 is just a silent message which falls on deaf ears. So there is no help from either of them.
  4. Welcome to the forums, seen you lots on BG#2 recently but not had the chance to get to know you. Your introduction seemed very informative and interesting though I have not read every paragraph. See you in game buddy.
  5. Congratulations I think; it could be commiserations Just out of curiosity, how many hours per day and days per week are you spending on the server? I would guess 23 hours a day 364 days per year?
  6. Hey Donald, good to see you on the forum; Known you since you re-joined in 2016; you bring happiness to BG#2 Don't quit because of your ping, somehow you will sort it out and all will be good. Good luck buddy
  7. Happy Birthday Larysa!
  8. ^^ Yes I'm getting destroyed by those players every day too, but remember it's only a game and should be played for fun Seen lots of you recently; you are a fun player to be around. Hope you stay around matey. Basalisk
  9. Sorry I tried to join game-day but had an error and couldn't join NQ1 (VM _ Create on UI failed) I tried PK3 cleaner (@notellenPage ) and my windows defender said the file was corrupted and to delete haha!! I will stick to BG#2; hope you guys had fun!
  10. Good luck Night train, hope it's a success!!
  11. Since the player slots were dropped to 46 I haven't experienced any crashes. Out of curiosity has anyone else experienced any in the last day or so? Fuel dump didn't crash last time either, maybe could leave if it's ok now? I think UJE any version is big enough for large numbers.
  12. Give me adrenalin and I'm in
  13. Wow you are soooo lucky!! Those hotels along Belek and Lara beach are just crazy as in amazingly crazy!!! I stayed at Mardan Palace and want return to Titanic Deluce Golf Belek, I love the natural lay out of this hotel and the river
  14. Before I read where you was; I thought Turkey I was in Antalya this February (Lara Beach)
  15. Good song, great video, crazy dude!!
  16. Happy Birthday Plat! Enjoy your day! I celebrated mine yesterday
  17. Welcome back Kinkytinky! saw you already the other night........... but still enjoy being on the same team as you, see you on the server!
  18. Oh how embarrassing; who could it be?
  19. Is it possible to give HarryAimpotter the !putteam command? It's just that he's so focused on keeping teams perfectly even, which is a good thing. Also please remember this is a game, have fun! teams are uneven quite often, especially at the start of each map, this cannot be controlled easily........ don't get too stressed about it, when ever admins or friends are here which is most of the busy times, teams are sorted quite quickly(this is a fact). If no admins are around either as mentioned use !calladmin command, or be the underdog; but cmon guys this is not real life. I could post thousands of SS of the teams being evened by admins and friends everyday but I will not bore you. Also we are having problems with bots "connecting" (ask Rendel) which blocks players joining a certain team, this is on Rendel's radar to be fixed.
  20. Well done guys Like my wife keeps telling me " Keep it up!"
  21. I know that feeling, I have to visit family in Japan every two years. The cheapest flights ( I can't afford direct) are usually 2 hours to somewhere in Europe then 12-13 hours to Fukuoka in Japan. Add on the journey to Heathrow airport, and the connecting airport and waiting and the journey from Fukuoka to Kunimi (my wife's home town) it takes around 27 hours in total. Takes me days to recover

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