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    Travelling, been to numerous countries including Japan, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, China and European countries around the Med. I have a passion for wildlife and wildlife photography. I visited many National Parks on my travels in search of animals to record. I also like to get merry and have a smoke here and there. That said my interests now are my family especially my wife and daughter.
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  1. Lol back then in the olden days we used hotmail
  2. I was travelling the world and was in Australia 20 years ago, i met a girl from Japan in Adelaide, we just hit it off, we just clicked; we stayed at the same guesthouse for 2 months. I stayed in contact with her for many years; she visited England, i visited Japan. We then travelled again 6 years later and met in Borneo. 3 years later in 2009 we got married and have a daughter together now 9 years old and right now things couldn't be better, even during this strange time. It doesn't matter how far apart you are, if you really want to be together and are prepared to fight to ma
  3. Happy Birthday Uni! Not seen you in a while buddy Have a great day m8
  4. Basalisk

    ET Server Suggestion Beginners #2 - Map suggestions

    Thanks Kermit and guys; appreciate the time you guys spend adding new maps. Enjoying the new maps. thanks!
  5. Congratz! to all 3 of u, especially my server buddy Kermit who works so hard on BG#2 Well done guys!
  6. Do you also play on BG#2 under the name of Thundermother? Just kidding, congratz!
  7. Think that might be me soon if a particular player on BG#2 doesn't stop complaining about the teams day in day out. I'm pretty relaxed as possible but occasionally been very close to that point
  8. Basalisk

    ET Server Suggestion Beginners #2 - Map suggestions

    I think its TC base? We have had that on a few times before and players usually complain, however I personally like that map so want it added to
  9. Basalisk

    ET BEGINNERS #2 beg server 2

    Hmmm i like the idea of if 8 v 8 players or more then no bots. They do get in the way when there is too many of them, they do trip the mines, they do spam, they do diffuse all dynamite too easily when too many bots. Also i like the idea if you are going to keep adrenaline to make it more even across the classes; as mentioned medics have it too easy. However i think we need to only change things little by little rather than a full overall change. We need to keep this server attracting the beginners rather than appeasing the pros.........................hence
  10. Nice having you around DeKing! see you on server
  11. Well feel free to use it on me anytime to get used to it, but don't stack the teams! haha
  12. Yes Hitch i saw yesterday and many other days/nights. It's frustrating because when the shuffle happens he and a few other high KR players usually end up on the attacking team (i might be mistaken but it feels like it) and then because he/they don't try for the mission; just fragging, causes the allies to go into meltdown more often than not. He is not the only one btw, there are a few others out there too. Btw M!dnightblue is a very skilled player, i just wished he would help the team out as he would be a great asset for any team. However we c
  13. Flamma 1v1 wins 99 out of 100 bouts, but i own him with my blade Ellen is so fast, very hard to hit! Nurse-Ins4ne also but i don't have to worry; he always joins the same team and follows me around healing me constantly
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