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  1. Nice array of maps, thx for your hard work in doing this!!!
  2. ^ big thanks for looking into it, love the new versions of the old maps, changes things up a bit
  3. Thanks for the new maps! Just the new oasis (B3?)has a problem. The axis bots keep coming towards and trying to enter allied spawn in big numbers; this is making it so hard to get away from the spawn for allies. Also I think the allied bots keep heading towards CP or that direction. I have seen bots idle on maps before but this is a little freaky regarding the axis bots. Can someone look into this please? Regards; Basa
  4. Who ever put the hard work in to bringing different maps to BG 2?.... big thanks for the work! Really well received in a short measure of time. Great job!! and thx. Daredevil? anyone else?
  5. Hey I was wondering why snatch has been removed from the server? IMO one of the best maps there is. Amy chance of adding again? Cheers; Basa.
  6. Please change baserace (to any other map) as Wanheda mentioned many people disconnect when it gets voted (usually others forget to vote) then it's so easy to win for me and Yooxi . Then the players that voted it leave because they don't realise you have to build the medic building first to get faster health and adrenalin and then it ends up being uneven teams the latter part of the map; then only a few players left for the next map. It's killing this server!
  7. There are not many admins on BG2 constantly but there are a few admins who are doing a lot to even teams and make things fair! Kermit, Rendel, Straty and a few others; in particular Kermit. Good job! even Johnny B is quiet about the teams recently.
  8. Most regulars on BG2 99% are great to play with, just a couple of trolls and flamma who never dies
  9. Thank you for the new maps! A few new ones I haven't played before which is a good thing. However we have stubborn players who never vote for the new maps, so it might take a while for me to experience them. All night tonight I played and only got to play the slightly different version of Italy. Some ppl are scared of change. Thanks again, appreciated.
  10. Not sure if all the following maps are playable on Beginner 2? but I have enjoyed all these maps in the past. All different, some are better than others but sick of playing the same maps over and over again, so please place some new maps. School Cathedral (final) Axis Lab (Final) Beer Run Subway Hydra Dam (final) for a bit of fun instead of baserace Millennium falcon (final 2) MLB Egypt (final) Glider Saberpeak (final) Tram siege (final 2) As mentioned we don't require two Gold rush maps. I would forfeit any or all of the following: Railgun, Baserace, Goldrush, Dubrovnik Final, Frostbite .
  11. Sorry to hear about your misfortune. However on the positive side, my wife who is Japanese has an uncle who lives in Kyushu (Japan), he was told he has terminal cancer and has about 3 months to live; that was nearly 2 years ago! he has no therapy because its terminal cancer but takes some kind of traditional Japanese medicine, goes to the hot spa in the mountains daily and thinks very positively. So my advice would be stay very positive and try to determine your own future. Stay positive and Good luck!
  12. How exactly does KR affect the in-game play? I have high KR so I can kill more easily? no; Still hard to kill pro's Does KR do anything to alter in-game play at all? I doubt it. So IMO I don't mind it being changed. I have KR of over 10 which is very high, yet I am a very average player who also throws everything at trying to complete the mission.

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