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  1. Is it possible to give HarryAimpotter the !putteam command? It's just that he's so focused on keeping teams perfectly even, which is a good thing. Also please remember this is a game, have fun! teams are uneven quite often, especially at the start of each map, this cannot be controlled easily........ don't get too stressed about it, when ever admins or friends are here which is most of the busy times, teams are sorted quite quickly(this is a fact). If no admins are around either as mentioned use !calladmin command, or be the underdog; but cmon guys this is not real life. I could post thousands of SS of the teams being evened by admins and friends everyday but I will not bore you. Also we are having problems with bots "connecting" (ask Rendel) which blocks players joining a certain team, this is on Rendel's radar to be fixed.
  2. Well done guys Like my wife keeps telling me " Keep it up!"
  3. I know that feeling, I have to visit family in Japan every two years. The cheapest flights ( I can't afford direct) are usually 2 hours to somewhere in Europe then 12-13 hours to Fukuoka in Japan. Add on the journey to Heathrow airport, and the connecting airport and waiting and the journey from Fukuoka to Kunimi (my wife's home town) it takes around 27 hours in total. Takes me days to recover
  4. Great Hesis; hope you enjoyed! I bet Thailand has changed a lot since 20 years ago when I was there I loved the food, the markets and the bars for watching football and movies. I didn't like how busy it was though and I can imagine how busy some of the Islands have become. I spent time on Koh Chang Island being great because back then it was only just started to take off and wasn't very busy. I bet its a concrete jungle now Similar to you the North was better than the south IMO.
  5. @Kermit @Rendel Congratz guys! Welcome to the multi millionaire's club
  6. ^^ This is a great point Adlernest always seems to be at the bottom of the list and not voted for as often as it could be because "out of sight, out of mind". Would be nice to see all the maps without having to remember to scroll down.
  7. First pictures of old man me Years ago in Sydney Australia, Koh Chang Thailand and Bako NP, Borneo and more recently close to Nagasaki Japan.
  8. Hi Palace; has been a pleasure to play against u on BG#2............ that Italy map tonight was just mental!! Such a great server; hope you stick around. Welcome!
  9. I don't have a link; whatever UJE map we have on our database will do fine. Regards; Basa
  10. Welcome Samir! What is your in game name Samir so we can recognise and say hi to you on the server? Don't tell me it's Samir?
  11. UJE Final please Yes I understand and yes this is frustrating. I will also try to encourage ppl to vote for the new maps; and I will WHINE at ppl voting for the same maps over and over again
  12. If possible please add: UJE - I keep repeating myself for you to kindly add this map (my all time favourite) TC base - for Phantom (plus an old favourite of mine} Please don't add fata morgana; the worst map ever; most players quit the server if voted for and this map is as bad as Fragmaze. If possible please delete: Any Gold Rush, keeping just one version (too many times GR is played) I am happy with the list we currently have but I am not happy with the voting system. too many maps are being overplayed again and again such as GR/ITALY/Oasis/Venice (all good maps but tired of playing these same maps every night without fail. We have so many good maps on the list but for some reason they are not getting voted for. I bet some players have never even played some of these maps on the list such as Cathedral. Is there any chance a map that has just been played cannot be voted for again for a longer period of time than we currently have? Just a suggestion if it is at all possible. Thanks for all involved in these changes Dare Devil/Rendel etc, Regards; Basa
  13. Basalisk

    Beginners 2 Error

    This happened after the map (GR Beta) had finished and whilst loading the next map MLB Daybreak. I crashed 3 times with the same message. I also crashed 2 times during MLB Daybreak. As Hesis would say " it was an extraordinary night" At least it was server based and not my side

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