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  1. Gutted couldn't make it tonight, was at a Birthday BBQ........... Nice to see so many regulars from BG2 there, will make tomorrow for sure. Gutted also because I see FA DJ present too!!! been a long time since I played on same server as DJ; perhaps 7-8 years ago the days of DJ, Mexicano, Redbaird and co............forgot which server. Oh and nice colours Rendel! haha
  2. Agree with most of the above posts. IMO Remove Axis Lab (rarely played) Rail Gun Baserace, like rail gun many players leave when this is voted for and once one team is winning the losing team starts to leave too. Goldrush (new) I personally like this but axis sit in the bank with MG and 2 x flamers and it becomes impossible for allies. Warbell Add: I like the other suggestions and personally play any map voted for; so am easy with any new maps. Personally I like Cathedral ET Tower (think that's the correct name?) just for a bit of fun. V2 base (we used to have a long time ago) MLB Egypt as CrossMarian mentioned Sands of time UJE Final
  3. Basalisk

    3 word story

    My granny breakdance
  4. Nice array of maps, thx for your hard work in doing this!!!
  5. ^ big thanks for looking into it, love the new versions of the old maps, changes things up a bit
  6. Thanks for the new maps! Just the new oasis (B3?)has a problem. The axis bots keep coming towards and trying to enter allied spawn in big numbers; this is making it so hard to get away from the spawn for allies. Also I think the allied bots keep heading towards CP or that direction. I have seen bots idle on maps before but this is a little freaky regarding the axis bots. Can someone look into this please? Regards; Basa
  7. Who ever put the hard work in to bringing different maps to BG 2?.... big thanks for the work! Really well received in a short measure of time. Great job!! and thx. Daredevil? anyone else?
  8. Hey I was wondering why snatch has been removed from the server? IMO one of the best maps there is. Amy chance of adding again? Cheers; Basa.
  9. Please change baserace (to any other map) as Wanheda mentioned many people disconnect when it gets voted (usually others forget to vote) then it's so easy to win for me and Yooxi . Then the players that voted it leave because they don't realise you have to build the medic building first to get faster health and adrenalin and then it ends up being uneven teams the latter part of the map; then only a few players left for the next map. It's killing this server!
  10. There are not many admins on BG2 constantly but there are a few admins who are doing a lot to even teams and make things fair! Kermit, Rendel, Straty and a few others; in particular Kermit. Good job! even Johnny B is quiet about the teams recently.
  11. Most regulars on BG2 99% are great to play with, just a couple of trolls and flamma who never dies

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