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  1. Adding ='s to your clan tag

    haha typos are common when i first wake up.
  2. Adding ='s to your clan tag

    gonna have to agree here, we need it one or the other, i was just in a game with funkbut i have ='s her had | ... looked like two different clans. I initially went with the ='s but after seeing it in game as [=FA=] it just doesnt look like [F|A] looked a lot less cluttered.
  3. Sniper Riffles

    someone was tellin me about a knock of quick scope tactic for these... get a variable zoom scope an when u spawn put it on that farthest zoom it will go. they said it takes away the scope shake that doesnt allow for it and that they can qs fairly well with it. takes some practice i hear so for u that like that kinda shit might be worth a shot. i on the other hand dont like qs's or sniper rifles so i cant say if it works or not this is just what has been passed to me an i passin it to you. gl if ur into that kinda thing.
  4. gamebattles?

    Me an noxious are seeing who would be interested in making a team for one of these sites. Get FA out there an compete rather than just play for fun all the time. We know there is game battles, but there isnt a lot of action on it yet for black ops.. but there are other sites out there that do them too... usually ladder type ranking systems. i know game battles would be 4 man teams play the match. u can have as many ppl on a team as u want but when a match is set up only 4 ppl can play which is nice since its hard to get everyone at the same time for a match. If any one is interested in doing some competative gaming post your interest here. err........ Im N3RD btw.
  5. Cod 4 cd key

    so i havnt played cod 4 in a while, i got on to play and it sais my key is in use!? eff that noise... so does anyone have a key i can use? thanks if you do , blah if ya dont.
  6. Need a little help from you guys

    haha good idea but i think its been tried, they have a section in the rules about web based spamming shit saying those votes will not qualify... but hey i mean you can try and if they dont catch it then sweet. im thinking what 50k votes is ok hahahaha.
  7. Need a little help from you guys

    As some of you know i just got out of the marine corps.... and i go from being in charge of 4 mens lives and 100 of thousands of dollars in equiptment and gear to not being able to get a f***ing job at a gas station.. so ive resorted to other methods to get some cash to get by until something gives.... so i entered a contest at a local radio station and the voting method is via text so if i can get all or whoever to send some texts out over the next couple days to get your vote ide really apriciate the help. Send a text message to 68683 with the word LEGS followed by a space and an 11. thats it, dont put anything else in the text. you can vote as many times through text as you wish and it would be doing me a huuuuuuuuuuge favor that ide be very grateful for. feel free to have everyone you know send in a vote or two. the more the better! thanks guys... it means a lot. if the radio station ever sends a text back for any reason other then a responce to your vote just send the word stop and they will not send anything else, i called and asked about this and they said they may send out info such as concert updates and what not... so it thats the case, the word stop will take care of it all... again thanks.
  8. vent crybabys

    i dont understand why on a friday night at 2 am there is people crying about other people having fun on vent. if they want to cry go to the bathroom and get yourself a tissue..... just because some people are 14,12 and other wise to young to understand what its like to be able to go out on a weekend have a good night at a bar and come home and f*** around on vent with you friend does not mean you have to almost literally cry tears about it.... f***ing babies! boom... this should be in complaints haha... ok vent about vent is done.! boom
  9. fine! introduction it is

    haha the game is acually harder.... most of the time the enemey can acually aim! although real life is a bit more serious and scary because there is no respawn but whats done is done. you too! and you see me.... other wise all the times you killed me are luck ;-P
  10. fine! introduction it is

    names jason, im 24. live in pa.... got out of the marines about 3 weeks ago. i did infantry for the past 4 years, figured since i cant do it for real anymore might as well play a game haha... so picked cod4 up about a week ago and boom, here i am... im pretty outgoing and all about having fun so please feel free to joke around about anything if you see me in a game or vent.... hope to see yall in a game or two. -jason