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  2. Real life! Name: Arturo Any nickname ?: DyDragon !! Age: 28 What country are you from ?: Mexico D.F. Are you a father ?: No How many brothers do you have ?: 1 What is the size of your shoe ?: 12 What do you do to live ?: I work for an automotive consortium, in the systems department. The biggest fear?: The height The most exciting thing you've done: Tour 2 states by bicycle. The most embarrassing thing you've done: Wear clothes that smell bad to go to work. The first thing you look for in a new friend ?: sincerity Have you been further from home ?: Yes, Chihuhua What brought you to the servers / forum Fearless Assassins?: I play in F | A silEnT, and I want to be a member. Dog or cat ?: Cat. What are your hobbies ?: Box, ET, Read, Get out on the bike and look for new things on the internet. What kind of sports do you like ?: baseball What is your favorite color ?: Green What about your favorite type of music ?: RAP Favorite song ?: You were not, nor will you be, [Nach] What is your favorite TV show ?: I do not have a favorite. What kind of movies you like? Almost all types, scary ones do not please me. Favorite movie ?: Mission to mars. Favorite book: El Candidato [Jorge Bucay] What do you like most about yourself? My brain. What do you hate most about yourself?: Feeling different from my family. What makes you very happy?: Computers. What makes you very sad?: Loneliness. What is your favorite drink ?: Tequila. What is your favorite food / snack ?: Tacos. Favorite Actor / Actress: I do not have a favorite. Favorite season? Why ?: Summer. It does not rain. And I can go on a bike. Favorite topic at school ?: Science The most important thing to learn: Basic values. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go ?: Easter Island. What are your three best games of all time ?: ET, The King of the Figters and Yu-gi-ho! In addition to shooters, what is your favorite genre of games ?: Strategy. Name a game from your collection that would embarrass you to tell your friends: Digimon World 3 How many games do you have ?: 201 (and almost all consoles, from atary to ps4, I do not have the xbox one) Do you play the console?: Not really, I only collect them, most emulate them on the computer. On what platform do you spend most of your games? (PS, Xbox, Steam, Android, etc.): PC and Android What is your favorite internet site (That's not FA; P): www.google.com xD