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  1. Hello - from Louisiana

    hi and welcome to FA
  2. V54 !

    I have been in poznan, loved it there, welcome to the FA Forum!!
  3. new dorzo_nl

    Raw fish and onion yeah baby... welcome to the FA Family....
  4. Hi Gaaaayz!

    Welcome to the F|A forum dont POOPto much !
  5. Hello F|A!

    Welcome to the FA Family, i mean im not in it but i feel like it!!
  6. Kameamea SeXy pics!

    Hi Ex, Im in the Severn / Odenton area..!!
  7. Mum / his mother

    I cannot tell from the post if you have male or female genitalia. So i guess my question is, Do you like rainbows? Any how, welcome to the forum!!
  8. hi guys

    Hallo and welcome!! "Ask me any question, and i will give you any answer!!"
  9. Kameamea SeXy pics!

    Thanks all for such a warm welcoming.... Really looking forward to play with you all. In case you wondering, i would love to be part of F/A family. i messed up the whole intro vs. application post. Sorry, let me know if i gotta resubmit the application somewhere else!!
  10. Stuff

  11. My girl..

    Good job buddy, she is gorgeous!!
  12. Kameamea SeXy pics!

    Now that i got your attention: Ingame Name (Origin): Kameamea EvolveHQ : <--- Not sure what this mean Location : Maryland, USA Age: 37 How often do you play: Everyday, If i can. Referral (Which member referred you): Boki Do you use TS3 ( Yes / No (If not why not?)): Yes Your expertise ( Coding, Web designing, Photoshop, etc) : Killing the enemy... Do you have VIP membership: NO Have you donated: NO Will you be able to help in recruiting?: I Definitively could What you will be able to offer to community, if you join us: Im pretty friendly and like to help people, you cant go wrong when you are kind. Tell us about yourself: Im a father, husband, provider. I work 12+ hours a day, so not much time to do other things but unwind here at the house playing ET. Im Christian, play piano, guitar, bass, drums, percussion etc, trying to learn the Sax now. I speak spanish and English... Im from a small Caribbean island called Puerto Rico. I know i dont have the 40K EXP yet, but i wanted to introduce myself so if you see me in-game, please say hello. and lets frag the enemy. Love to travel, i have been in many European contries also in slovakia, romania, hungary, poland, etc. some Scandinavian too. "What do i need to do to be NOTICED?" thats my logo, so if you see it, give me a shout!! Thanks for taking the time to read my Introduction!!