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  1. kinkytinky

    ET BEGINNERS #2 vc match

    yeah ! can we try to organize this? on a day and time when most players are able to play!
  2. kinkytinky

    ET BEGINNERS #2 vc match

    Hi! I think it might be fun to organize a game where we team vc like axis with axis and alies wtih alies so the teams can really communicate. what do you think i think it could be fun
  3. Wasssup Kinky! :) what time you usually play on beg2? 

  4. Tinky, how flexible you are? :)  

    1. Nancy


      I am asking, coes I do yoga for a while, very good for stretching....

  5. I just finished ozark on netflix! just waiting for season 3 now!
  6. wow good luck thats awesome!! particularly because its such an historical buisness, hope the liquor liscence comes through!! would be cool to hear more about how its going!
  7. It's me! hi everone! So ill just introduce myself again since its been so long I really enjoy playing on the beginners 2 server probably most of you who play there recognize my name i was referred by notellen laryssa crossmarian nancy rambozo enforcer hesis 4estw1zzard pr1orz
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