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  1. Elffy's Blog

  2. question for FA members

    True, and now I'm starting to play more ETpub instead of Jaymod, because 1.Baserace double jump 2.I PWN! 3.Server is never full so no wait 4. Much less people 5. some nicer people nice
  3. I <3 LOVE SPAM(continued)(oh and fem look)

    lol uihsifhipsefiesgjbkjsegkjes anbsfjkbkjlbflkjbaj[list=]gagnçkja kjgkçjagkbaçkjgkjrengjkre
  4. et server suggestion Server etpub

    who like etpub geoip? is nice mod... is just sugestion.. i like participate of glory!!
  5. et server suggestion Server etpub

    I just do not like this client etpub_client-20070801. but its ok..
  6. et server suggestion Server etpub

    ohh nice man good work.
  7. et server suggestion Forums

    a new template that assassins.. yeah i have nice template to forum
  8. where you from?

    São Paulo - Brazil
  9. et server suggestion Server etpub

    really I think the etpub server would be better with this version mod_version = 0.8.1.. i have nice cfg shurbot and settings.. is just my opinion but I liked how it is. have fun...