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  1. BaBeLo


    Hello mates, i would like to ask u for something. I was 5days off cuz i had too much work and after that dayz i wanted to join to jay1 server and it say im banned for 32 dayz, reason: advertising, But idk why and how cuz i were off almost one week. All other servers r ok im banned only at jay1. Ty for answers.
  2. First game i played online is Wolfenstein:ET on pc ofc and still like that game .
  3. Wellcome on forums Garry!
  4. Some fun on HC today 40 kills
  5. Nom nom , its a gaming time ^^

  6. BaBeLo

    im back!

    Hoi and wb man
  7. Wellcome to the forums
  8. Sounds well , ill tyr to be there :yeye

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