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  1. Elite Knifer Award

    Some fun on HC today 40 kills
  2. Death Weeper :D

    Hi and wellcome here
  3. Website Happy Easter

    Happy Easter to all
  4. im back!

    Hoi and wb man
  5. What food do you really hate?

    totally agreed with this
  6. Hi all, i'm Asta

    Wellcome to the forums
  7. ET Server Easter Game Day

    Sounds well , ill tyr to be there :yeye
  8. Happy Birthday Sparrow

    happy bday :yeye
  9. New member here :)

    hoi and wellcome to the forum
  10. Happy Birthday Natural!

    Happy Bday mate :yeye
  11. Asian pop music!

    I love this girls so much they r so cute ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cEYPlrYdTy0
  12. Elite Knifer Award

    Today with my Knife :ph34r:
  13. Drink that cuts you off?

    Jägermeister + Redbull its my favourite drink and makes me rly rly rly crazy (:
  14. Hello;Im t3am2000-Romash

    Welcome Romash (: